2009 MLB Homerun Derby Predictions

Tonight, the 2009 All-Star Homerun Derby takes place. I will offer my insight as to who I believe will win the event. First off, here are the participants and the number of homeruns they have.

Carlos Pena, Rays, 24 HR
Nelson Cruz, Rangers, 22 HR
Brandon Inge, Tigers, 21 HR
Joe Mauer, Twins, 15 HR
Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 32 HR
Adrian Gonzalez, Padres, 24 HR
Ryan Howard, Phillies, 22 HR
Prince Fielder, Brewers, 22 HR

Albert Pujols has been on a tear all season long, hitting a league leading 32 homeruns, thus far. He is the fan-favorite with the all-star events taking place in St.Louis. Personally, I believe that Albert will start strong  just as Josh Hamilton did last year, yet he will struggle in the later rounds. I look for Brandon Inge of the Detroit Tigers to win the event, with a darkhorse to win being Carlos Pena.

On a side note,  Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Josh Hamilton, and Justin Morneau, the 2008 Homerun Derby winner all passed on the chance to participate in this years event. Personally, after all the sucess that Josh Hamilton had last year I wish he was returning, Hamilton hasn’t had as good as year as he did last year, but with his story of battling drug and alcohol abuse he would be a fan-favorite and after all, Josh never fails to disappoint in these events.

Thanks for the views.

2009 Homerun Derby Winner: Brandon Inge, 3rd base, Detroit Tigers

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