A Modest Blog on what I watch

Raw being the weak show is getting old really fast. Monday Night Wrestling is an ingrained tradition and definitely, for me, the easiest night to find myself in front of the television to watch WWE. I don’t get WGN for Superstars, I’m out most Friday’s during Smackdown, and Impact still makes my brain hurt when I try to watch, so that leaves ECW and Raw.

ECW had been great and was definitely my favorite show, even when I caught Smackdown, but they gutted the roster. The new guys might end up being fantastic, but it’ll be awhile before I develop the attachment to them that I had with the previous group, if it ever happens. The previous group featured all of the highly hyped FCW guys, except Sheamus, so, generally speaking, the previous group featured the guys I’m most interested in following.

Over in Raw, the main event is absolutely terrible. I can’t take much more of Triple H vs. Randy Orton. Luckily for me, I don’t only take the main eventers seriously. The problem with that until recently is the mid-card featured no real feuds, just a lot of stop and start with really short matches. Kofi Kingston won the U.S. title to proceed to feud with no one, while MVP vs. Regal was just flat out dropped without ever going anywhere. Currently, Kofi has a feud with Big Show, with Evan Bourne tangentially involved, while MVP is starting a feud with Jack Swagger. Both of these are great news if they continue to get the amount of time they currently are, but the concern is caring about these feuds only to see them suddenly lose time or disappear entirely. Still, Monday being the traditional wrestling night, I’ll at least give them a chance to let these feuds I actually want to see build and go somewhere.

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