Entourage – Episode 6-1 Review

Entourage Season 6 started off with a big bang.  It might have not been quite as intimate between the four as normal, but it sure moved the plot forward.  We start out by seeing a girl leaving E in the morning.  E never hooks up and his only love interests have been girlfriends (for the most part). This is the part in the show that we are able to see that things will be different this year.  Sloan coming back in to the picture is sure to complicate the  situation as it seems that E is getting the “Vinny-swagger” due to the recognition that he is getting now as owner of the Murphy Group.  Sloan brings the “new” E back to the old “lovestruck” E.  Although in a joking manor, Eric came off as desperate when he was asking Sloan to let him come in. She eventually gave in, and we’ll have to see what happened.  I like the new relaxed and player-ways of Eric. He shows confidence, something that E has ALWAYS lacked. Sloan being back in the picture could in turn bring the “old” E back. I just don’t see E being able to move out for long. If he does rent the house from Sloan’s friend, I would expect that he would not be able to last long, before he was back with the old boys.

Turtle has clearly slimmed down and it seems that the producers want to play him down from his street look to a more sophisticated look. Turtle clearly still acts like Turtle when he was joking around with girlfriend Jamie Lynn in the jacuzzi.  We didn’t get to see a whole lot of Turtle, in fact until the end of the show, I was suspecting that this episode would not have Jamie Lynn in it as she only plays a minimal role this week.

Johnny Chase seemed to continue living up to his nickname (“Drama”). Although we did not hear anything about his bar it seems like he is doing well.  We see him getting a massage, which seems like a woman is giving him (after the Vegas incident I could understand that).  I hope that the Drama and Turtle relationship is explored more in the future as in past episodes.

Vince was displayed in a TOTALLY different view than in past seasons. We do not see him hooking up with multiple women per episode. Vince needs to get his drivers license in order to play Enzo Ferrari in a future film that was pretty obviously hinted at.  In between seasons, Vince obviously was offered this job, but we never heard about it until it was mentioned as the reason he was getting his license.

After seeing a shot of Johnny having to stay all night for his show, Turtle staying over Jamie Lynn’s, and Eric being out, to which would be hinted at as quite late, we see Vince driving home alone. Although he did hook up with Sloan’s friend in his Escalade, he came home alone to a dark and empty house.

I’m going to be giving a Best Character review every week in regards to the Character that really moved the show along or just was most memorable. Best Character this week was obviously Lloyd. We saw a serious side of Lloyd and just how driven he was to become an agent.  Ari does not want to lose his “best assistant,” but there is no one denying that Lloyd isn’t a great assistant and would probably be a great agent.  Ari acts as if he doubts him, but I just believe he is worried about losing him.

Andrew Klein is just not a very likable guy. The writers are clearly writing him off as an alcoholic (asking Ari to drink during the day, twice in this episode). He is clearly more of a friend to Ari, but I believe there will need to be a point this season when Ari has to decide between friends and clients. Ari being Ari would definitely have to stick to business and make a decision based on clients.

Season 6: Episode 1: Drive was a great episode in the long-run. It had great moments, and successfully moved the plot forward for the Premiere of the Scorsese flick: Gatsby. It was hinted that Eric would be going with Sloan as well so we will see where that takes their off-and-on relationship. Although we did not see much Entourage interaction, we are sure to see some next week at the premiere. 

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