Frank Mir doesn’t know when to quit

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

When Lesnar didn’t come after me, that really threw me off. He didn’t land any punches on his feet, did he? I didn’t expect him to run. He ran like a lightweight. … It’s my fault. I should have trained that he would be intimidated from the standup.

When I chased him (in the second round), that’s what changed my game plan. I basically was (within) a half-an-inch of catching him. I knew he was hurt, but he had good leverage, with my shoulder against the cage. I made a stupid mistake.

If I can just nail that weight gap to even 10 pounds, it’ll be a different fight next time.

If Frank Mir can win a match or two, we’re almost guaranteed to see a third fight between he and Lesnar. In that sense, it’s probably wise to keep the fire burning for another big pay per view matchup, but if Frank Mir even believes one tenth of what he’s saying here, there’s a chance he might be insane or at least delusional. The fight didn’t stay on the feet long enough for Lesnar to “run like a lightweight” and I’ve got serious doubts that he was afraid of Frank Mir’s overrated standup game.

Mir caught Lesnar with two good knees in the second round, and the second “Faber” knee probably would have dropped a large majority of heavyweights. But I’ve watched the fight about ten times now, and at no point was Lesnar hurt by anything Mir did.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Lesnar vs. Mir 3 in 2010 at some point, and it should shatter all pay per view buyrate records. This is probably just Frank’s way of guaranteeing another big payday, but he might be guaranteeing another mauling as well.

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