Random News: Jericho vs. Miz, Storm on Lesnar

PW Torch’s James Caldwell has the latest news on the Miz and Chris Jericho’s Twitter war. It appears Jericho’s pulled ahead with his latest tweets about Miz’s recent jobs to John Cena.

Speaking of Jericho, PWI’s Terri Bey has a recap of his appearance on IFC’s sitcom Z Rock. He and old radio sparring partner Jim Norton share quite a few scenes.

Lance Storm is the latest wrestler to comment on UFC 100. He devotes a lot of space to his former co-worker and his infamous post match promo:

I loved this promo. It was an awesome pro-wrestling style promo. The fans booed him, he flipped them off, and basically said he didn’t give a shit, he said he was going to beat Frank Mir and he did, and then he told them he was going to go home and jump on his wife. That was awesome, and anyone who doesn’t think so is a mark. That kind of heat draws money, all the hardcore MMA fans will be dying to see someone knock this guy off his throne, and that is money.

He also thinks Brock was being more real with his WWE-esque trash talk than other UFC fighters who snipe at each other before a fight but hug it out after. He points out that Lesnar treated Randy Couture with respect after their fight, which is a point that seems to be lost in all this.

He also breaks with a lot of other pro wrestlers in their pride over Brock’s win:

I am not happy for Brock’s success because I somehow think he is representing pro-wrestling or he somehow brings credibility to pro-wrestling with his success in “real” fighting. I don’t think Math Teachers are tougher than I did before, based on Rich Frankiln’s fighting ability and the same is true about pro-wrestling and Brock’s success.

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