Army Wives – Episode 3-6 Review

               In this episode of Army Wives, everyone is preparing for Sarah Elizabeth’s christening. Pamela and Chase continue to argue over petty things. The dog Jeremy found in Iraq found its way to base. Roxy and Trevor have a disagreement over keeping the dog. Roland’s partner brings an Iraqi girl, Hannen, to Roland and asks him to pull some strings so that Hannen can have her much needed microsurgery. Frank and Denise continue to miss each other and have second thoughts about their divorce.

               Pamela and Chase are still not getting along in this episode. Chase still criticizes the changes that Pamela has made in the new house. I think Chase needs to get over it. His wife has worked very hard while he was away to try and make the new house nice and all he does is complain. I see where he’s coming from though. He feels like he’s not needed, which is understandable. For this reason, he volunteers to go to Texas for six weeks. He doesn’t consult Pamela at all about his decision. He just tells her that he is leaving on Monday. Pamela is understandably upset; Chase just got home and is leaving again. They have an argument and it turns out that Chase feels like he’s being criticized for everything, which is exactly how Pamela feels. I don’t think he needs to go to Texas. He needs to stay home and work on his marriage. It seems as if he’s running away from his problems, instead of facing them.

               Roxy wants to cut her hair and Trevor says not to cut it. Trevor wants to keep the dog, but Roxy says no. What do the two of them do? Roxy cuts her hair and Trevor keeps the dog. Trevor and Roxy seem to never listen to each other. Just look at the Hump Bar. If it was up to Trevor, the Hump Bar would have been sold a long time ago.

               Terrance Price, Roland’s new partner, calls Roland into the office. Price has an Iraqi girl in his office named Hannen. Her family worked for the American soldiers. For this reason, their car was bombed one day. Her parents and brother were killed, but she was only injured. If she wants to ever use her arm again she must have microsurgery, but she cannot pay for it. Price asks Roland to pull some strings at the hospital and try to get one of the doctors to perform a charity surgery. Luckily, the doctor agrees. Roland then has to ask Claudia Joy to get Michael’s approval. Michael is hesitant at first, but thankfully says yes in the end. Claudia Joy also volunteered to be Hannen’s host home. Michael is not happy about this at first, but warms up to the idea eventually. I’m so happy that Hannen is going to get her surgery. I also think that Hannen staying at the Holden’s will be good for the family, especially Emmalin.

               Throughout the entire episode you can tell that Denise and Frank have not moved on from each other. They both miss each other. Denise moves out, but leaves behind the necklace that Frank’s mother gave her because she’s not sure if she is supposed to keep a family heirloom. The question everyone has been asking is: will the christening finally bring Frank and Denise together? At first, it seemed like it wouldn’t. Frank returned the necklace to Denise. Throughout the christening they kept glancing at each other. Our question was finally answered in the final minutes of the episode when Frank came up to Denise after the christening. He said that he didn’t want to let go. He didn’t know how they would but he wanted to get through this. Frank and Denise are back together! This makes me so happy. I have been routing for them all season. I am sure they will work everything out. It may be hard, but it will happen.

               I can’t wait for the next episode to see where the lives of these five women and their spouses go.