ECW Real-Time Coverage for 07/14/2009

Welcome to the EC-Dub!


Thanks to Widro for covering for me last week.  That means this is the first time I’m covering ECW on the “SyFy” Network.  What a stupid change.  What does that even mean?  I hope they at least continue with the annual New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon.  I’ll be crushed if they don’t.  Anyway… On with the show!


Your hosts are Josh Matthews and Matt Striker from Miami, FL.


We start out with a recap of the #1 contender’s match for the ECW Championship.  Christian won and will face Tommy Dreamer at Night of Champions. 


Christian’s music hits an here he comes!  Matt Striker reminds us that Christian won his match last week due to shenanigans (exposed turnbuckle).  I wonder if that is setting up a Triple Threat match.  Shelton Benjamin now comes down to the ring.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

The bell rings and a Christian chant starts.  They lock up and they go to the ropes.  Clean break.  Christian goes for the takedown but it gets reversed.  Benjamin with a front face lock to a side headlock.  Irish whip, leapfrog, missed clothesline and Christian hits the spinkick.  Cover for two.   Slap from Christian.  Whip to the corner and Christian flips Benjamin who lands on his feet.  Rollup from Benjamin for a two count.  Christian back on the offense but Benjamin whips him to the corner.  He runs into the elbow and Christian hits the elbow from the second rope.  Christian goes to the other corner and climbs to the top when Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits.  Christian is distracted and Benjamin sends him to the floor all the way from the top.  We go to..




We’re back and Shelton is in control with an armlock.  Kozlov is at the announce table.  Christian fights out of the hold and goes to the ropes but runs into a knee.  Cover for two.  Meanwhile, Kozlov states he thinks HE should be the #1 contender due to the exposed turnbuckle.  Much like Jack Swagger argued.  Benjamin is working on the arm again.  Christian up again but Benjamin slams him on his injured arm.  Shelton put Christian on the top rope.  Christian pushes him off, Benjamin jumps up again, Chrisitan pushes him off again and hits the missile dropkick.  Cover for two.  Christian goes on the offense and drop toe holds Benjamin onto the second rope.  He stands on him and chokes him on the rope.  Christian up top and hits the tornado DDT.  Cover for two.  Benjamin gets a deep armbar on Christian and Christian rolls him for a small package two.  Christian sends him down again and goes to the top rope.  Benjamin does his patented jump and hits a sick DDT off the top.  Apparently, it further injured Christian’s arm.  Christian goes to the corner, Benjamin misses the Stinger Splash, and Christian goes for the Killswitch.  Benjamin reverses and throws Christian shoulder first into the ringpost.  Hits the Paydirt and gets the three count!


Winner:  Shelton Benjamin  He won clean and I’m not sure what message that sends for the #1 Contender at the PPV.  Good match, though.


We recap Ezekiel Jackson’s win last week.  Gregory Helms is interviewing him and he says he is happy to be on ECW.  He says he is in the best shape in his life.  Helms asks if he is ready to step out of The Brian Kendrick’s shadow.  Jackson says he is in no one’s shadow and TBK hired him because he needed him.


Commercial break.


We’re back and the Burchill’s are in the ring.  Paul Burchill will be the one fighting tonight.  And here comes Yoshi Tatsu and his wonderful music. 


Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea)  vs. Yoshi Tatsu

They start out and Burchill powers him to the corner.  Shots to the head.  Burchill takes him down and hits a sick elbow.  Suplex and cover for two.  Burchill drapes him over the second rope and clobbers him.  Ref takes him off and Katie Lea gets the cheap shot.  Chinlock from Burchill.  Tatsu fights back, goes to the ropes and hits a schoolboy for two.  Burchill hits a double leg drop and covers for two.  Another chinlock.  Tatsu back to his feet and elbows out.  Big kicks from Yoshi.  Whip to the corner, Burchill back body drops him out and he lands on the apron.  He goes to the top and falls off of the ropes.  Burchill hits a suplex and covers but Yoshi’s arm is under the rope.  Burchill argues with the ref and as he turns around he gets kicked in the face.  Cover for three.


Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Decent match but very quick.  Big missed spot from Tatsu though.




We’re back and Tiffany is in the back.  Tyler Reks comes in and Tiffany tells him he’s doing great on Superstars.  Tyler asks if he can make his debut next week on ECW.  Tiffany says that can probably be arranged.  A love interest for Tiffany maybe?


Goldust heads to the ring.  Striker compares him to the Adorable Adrian Adonis and that’s awesome.  Zack Ryder comes down next.  WooWooWoo!


Goldust vs. Zack Ryder

The bell rings and Goldust hip tosses Ryder down.  A lock up and Goldust powers him to the corner.  He dows his patented body rub and Zack Ryder takes exception.  Shoulder tackle from Goldust and a cover for two.  Armbar from Goldust but Ryder with a big right hand.  Goldust up and sends Ryder to the ropes and gets the buttbutt.  Ryder to the outside.  Goldust goes outside and sends him back in.  Goldust goes up top but Ryder catches him and drops him on the top rope.  Ryder on offense and hits a running kick (a facewash Striker calls it).  Cover for two.  Chinlock from Ryder.  Goldust up and gets a scoop slam on the running Ryder.  Both men down and the count starts.  Ryder up but so is Goldust.  Big rights from Goldust.  Uppercut and reverse atomic drop.  Clothesline from Goldust.  He goes to the second rope and hits the Bionic Elbow.  Cover for two.  Ryder escapes a front face lock and sends Goldust headfirst to the second turnbuckle.  He hits the Zack Attack and this one is over.


Winner: Zack Ryder WooWooWoo.  Not a bad match, actually.  It just ended abruptly.


Raw Rebound.  I thought Seth Green was pretty entertaining last night.  They handled the main event pretty well with Green making the save.




We’re back and we recap Hurricane saving a girl falling from a ladder.


Here comes Sheamus.  Roman Cornell is already in the ring.


Sheamus vs. Roman Cornell

First Shaemus has the mic and he’s speaking Gaelic.  He then introduces himself.  He says Cornell can’t stand in his path.  He’s staking his flag in ECW and he’ll be the most dominant.  Lockup after the bell and Shaemus with a shoulder block.  Clubbing blows from Shaemus.  Knee to the head.  Throws Cornell’s face into the turnbuckle.  Elbows to the back.  He picks up Cornell but Cornell reverses and gets some offense.  Shaemus gets mad and hits the big boot to the face.  Backbreaker finisher for the win.


Winner: Shaemus



Main event is next after commercial.


Abraham Washington will return next week to talk with Christian and Tommy Dreamer before their title match at Night of Champions.  Here comes Vladimir Kozlov and Tommy Dreamer soon follows.


Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Vladimir Kozlov (non-title match)

The bell rings and Kozlov immediately takes down Dreamer.  USA chant starts.  Dreamer gets a side headlock on but Kozlov takes him down again and hits an elbow drop.  Another elbow drop misses.  Dreamer on the offense.  He rams Kozlov’s head into the turnbuckle and Kozlov no sells.  Rollup for two from Dreamer.  Dropkick from Dreamer.  Dreamer goes to the second rope and hits a flying clothesline.  Both men up and Kozlov picks up Dreamer and drapes him over the top rope.  Shoulder block from Kozlov.  He picks up Dreamer and hits the headbutts to the chest.  Belly to belly suplex and a cover for two.  Kozlov in control.  Dreamer tires to fight back but gets booted back down.  Dreamer to the outside and Kozlov follows.  Kozlov tries for a kick but Dreamer moves and Kozlov kicks the ringpost.  Both back in and Dreamer gets a small package for two.  Dreamer with a  Russian leg sweep.  He goes to the top rope but Kozlov hits the ropes and Dreamer falls.  Kozlov grabs Dreamer on the top rope but gets kicked down.  Dreamer off the second rope but Kozlov blocks him down.  Hits the Iron Curtain for the win.


Winner: Vladimir Kozlov Postmatch, Kozlov attacks Dreamer some more.  Christian comes down for the save, but Christian ends up hitting Dreamer instead.  Kozlov takes out both men.


Well, both the ECW Champion and the #1 Contender lost tonight.  Way to make your PPV participants look good.  I’m sure this match will turn into a Triple Threat before Night of Champions arrives.  Well, see you next week kids.

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