WWE Smackdown Spoilers

For this Friday night’s televisual experience…

– Rey Mysterio calls out Dolph Ziggler after last week’s attack. He challenges Ziggler to an Intercontinental Title match at Night of Champions, which Ziggler accepts. They then brawl until Ziggler retreats. Typing the word Ziggler gives one a tremendous sense of well-being.

– Jeff Hardy claims that he will win at Night of Champions. C.M. Punk interrupts to call Jeff a joke and asks how many tests and classes he failed at school. He insults Jeff’s fans so Jeff attacks him.

– John Morrison beats C.M. Punk with a roll-up. Punk refuses a handshake after the match. Maybe it contained drugs.

– Layla comes out in a Miami Heat top to dance for the fans in Florida. Ricky Ortiz interrupts, insults the Heat and gives Layla a rally-up towel but she drops it.

– Kane beats R-Truth by booting him in the face as he came off the top rope. Khali comes out to help Truth after the match but Kane runs away through the crowd.

– The Hart Dynasty beats Cryme Tyme & Eve Torres in a six-person mixed-tag when Natalya pins Eve.

– Edge is interviewed on the big screen and says he will do everything he can to return to WWE. Chris Jericho interrupts to call him pathetic and injury-prone. He says he will continue to reign as tag team champion along with his new partner at Night of Champions. The crowd is behind Edge here.

– Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy beat Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler. C.M. Punk does guest commentary. Jeff tries to throw Jericho onto Punk but Punk throws Jericho back at Jeff. The referee calls for the disqualification. Ziggler lays him out. Punk wals to the back as Jeff is trapped in the Walls of Jericho.

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