10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 07.10.09

1. Did I miss something? When did Jeff Hardy become a pirate?

2. Kane beat Jeff Hardy. Now thats a bah gawd moment if I ever saw one. Does this mean that Kane’s actually going to be getting a decent push? Oh wait, he’s feuding with the Great Khali so I guess not.

3. John Morrison receiving a world title shot! I guess dreams really do come true. I’d mark out if Morrison actually won the title and just to put that into context, I haven’t marked out since Edge’s first WWE title win.

4. So Morrison will challenge for the world title, but he’s also going to lose to Ziggler. Surely this should be the time to build Morrison as a viable World title contender with some solid wins over main event talent?

5. While not terrible, the women’s tag team match was probably the weakest match of the show, although it wasn’t unwatchable which is more than I can say for a number of the women matches aired in WWE currently.

6. I think the CM Punk promo was probably the best of his heel tenure to date. I’m not happy for Edge to be injured what so ever, but if it means that I can actually start enjoying CM Punk’s character once again then at least this massive storm cloud has somewhat of a silver lining.

7. Khali vs. Punk sounds weak on paper, but it wasn’t as abysmal as I was expecting. Kane still deserves a better feud though.

8. The Hart Dynasty get the win that they should have got last week. Looks like we’ll be getting a rubber match between the two of the best tag teams on SmackDown. Oh who am I kidding, the only full time tag teams on SmackDown.

9. While the main event was great and given a good amount of time but the finish came out of nowhere. While this does add some unpredictability to things it just seemed like a really weak finish.

10. Dolph Ziggler, Edge & Chris Jericho ending the show together. Now that is a truly great sight.

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