The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 3-4 Review

               In this week’s episode of Secret Life, Grace finally moves past blaming herself for her father’s death. She begins to repair the relationships that were hurt during the time after her father’s death. Ben’s father wants him to go to Italy during the summer. Amy also wants to go. Ricky and Adrian are ‘together’ again. Anne’s boyfriend, David, proposes, but George has a secret that may affect Anne’s decision.

               Grace pulled herself together this episode. After talking to George, she goes to school. She makes up with Jack and tells him the true reason she had sex, which was that she wanted to keep him from having sex with other girls. She also tells him that she won’t have sex again until they get married. I think this is good. I don’t think they should have had sex in the first place. She was the Christian girl on the show, who stood for abstinence. Then she threw it all away and had sex with Jack. She was an example for young girls that also believe in abstinence. Now, she can’t be that example. Grace and Adrian also made up and are friends again. I’m really glad they made up because Adrian really needs Grace. Grace is pretty much her only friend.

               Ben’s father finally confronts Ben about his outburst at the butcher shop. He isn’t really mad, but he does feel as if Ben didn’t appreciate the opportunity given to him. They make up and Ben asks for his job back, which he gets. His father then suggests that he go to Italy, for the summer to help his uncle in his hotel. I think that this will be really good for Ben. He needs sometime away to think about things. One thing I am concerned about, though, is that he will go over to Italy and hook up with some other girl. He has been so obsessed lately with having sex with Amy that I think if given the opportunity he will have sex with anyone. I hope he proves me wrong because I would hate for Ben and Amy to break up.

               Amy was really the only character that was annoying this episode, which is an improvement. Usually, Ben, Grace, and Jack are also annoying. She really has been so rude lately to everyone she knows. She really only cares about herself, which is not a good thing since she has a 10-week-old baby. I know she loves John, but she only wants to take care of him when it doesn’t interfere with her social life. When Ben says that she can go to Italy with him, she wants to go, but she wants to leave the baby at home. I don’t understand her. She wants John, but she wants her life to go on as before. She expects everyone else to take care of him. She wants to just dump him on her mother, who is pregnant with a child of her own, while she goes to Italy with her boyfriend. I really don’t think she needs to go to Italy. She needs to stay home and focus on her child for the time being. If she just has to go to Italy, she needs to take John with her, which isn’t logical. She needs to realize that John is HER baby and HER responsibility and she is going to have to miss out on somethings to care for him.

               Ricky gave some great advice this episode to both Ben and Amy. Ben was thinking about having sex with someone other than Amy. Ricky told him, “you don’t need to be having sex with anyone other then Amy, when she is ready.” That’s exactly what Ben needed to hear. Hopefully he will take what Ricky said to heart. Amy wanted to go to Italy and leave John with Ricky. He told her to just let Ben go. I think Amy finally got that she just needs to let Ben go to Italy. She was worried about him “getting into trouble.” As Ricky pointed out, he doesn’t have to go to Italy to “get into trouble.” If Ben loves Amy enough, he will find his way back to her and John.

               When will Adrian learn? Last week she swore off sex. Now, not even a week later, she’s having sex with Ricky. I know she likes Ricky and doesn’t want him to have sex with someone else, but why does she keep going back to him. He only uses her for sex. I think he has feelings for her, which was evident when he told Ben to stay away from Adrian, but I don’t think he cares enough for her. If she wasn’t having sex with him, I don’t think he’d stay around. In fact, I think he was having sex with someone else. Adrian asked him if he was having sex with someone else and he didn’t deny it he just said “well you’re not available.” So I imagine he was having sex with someone else. He did finally ask for a commitment in the episode, but he just said he didn’t want Adrian having sex with someone else, not that he wasn’t going to have sex with someone else. I really think that Adrian and Ricky need to take a break from having sex and they need to develop their relationship.

               Anne’s boyfriend, David, is seriously paranoid. He had her investigated! He thinks she’s trapping him! He thinks she only wants him for his money! Seriously? Then he has the nerve to ask her to marry him! She needs to say no, especially now that we pretty much know that the baby is George’s. The reason is David’s fathering a child is pretty much impossible since infertility runs in his family and we also know that George probably didn’t have the vasectomy. I can’t wait for next week to find out what Anne’s answer is!