Big Brother – Episode 11-3 Review

The game’s finally getting interesting. Everyone is taking a sides. Can we say season 6 repeat?

Of course, on last night’s episode of Big Brother, there were the usual tears and usual fears, with surprise game players coming into play. At first glance, Lydia truly does look like an “off-beat”, but she is a great game player. She somehow convinced Russell to take her off the block, and put all the target onto Braden.

Actually Braden has gotten so much more interesting since the first two episodes. He’s at least mildly entertaining, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing him go.

As for alliances, it looks like the athletes alliance includes Jessie, Russell and Natalie as the core three, with Laura and the Brains semi-involved as well. And who knows, Lydia might be in there too. For the opposing alliance, the populars/off-beats/jeff are all together. But really, in this game alliances change everyday so I doubt these will stay for long. I’d love to see the athletes crash and burn. I can’t stand Russell and his arrogant attitude, and Natalie is getting annoying. Jessie is as dumb as ever, but he can be entertaining at times. Fun to laugh at at least.

On every Tuesday episode of Big Brother, six of the houseguests (The HoH, the two nominees and three HG’s chosen by random draw) compete for the golden power of veto which allows them to take one of the nominees off the block. The competition was a spelling challenge, where everyone had to grab letters and spell the longest word they can think of. Of course it’s Big Brother so they have to throw some nasty slime on them as they try to work, but in the end Russell takes the win with the amazingly long word “Shotgun”.

Yes that’s right, the winning word was shotgun. Are you kidding me? I knew these houseguests weren’t the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but come on! That’s just embarrassing. Other close competitors were “continously” from Jessie, “Last” from Natalie and “Tectronics” from Jeff. What geniuses we have this season.

At least this episode, we were finally given an explanation as to why Jeff isn’t in the athletes alliance. The athletes say he “distances” himself from them, because he likes hanging out with other cliques. That is quite ridiculous. So Russell decides to pick a fight with Jeff out of nowhere, basically calling him a liar for things I still don’t understand.

Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous fights in Big Brother history. Russell just made himself look like an idiot and Jeff kept his cool for the most part. Russell said that Jeff sucks at spelling and he should take fourth grade English again. DUDE! You spelled SHOTGUN! You’re not exactly an English major yourself there bud. Then after Russell finally left, Natalie got in a fight with Jeff as well. This fight was a little more interesting because it had some substance. The athletes are breaking themselves apart.

The brains of this episode were almost invisible, even with one of them being on the block. Ronnie, however, proved himself to be an even bigger idiot. Trying to play both sides, he tells Braden that Russell wants to put him up, and then lies to Russell about it. He’s going to get caught. He already pretty much has been caught. No one’s going to trust him. No one’s going to like him. He’s digging himself a grave he won’t be able to get out of. Ronnie won’t last much longer in my opinion.

Sadly for JDCOTE, Jessie didn’t really make any dumb comments this episode! Shocking right? So I’ve included Laura’s enlightening comment –

“It’s not my fault I have huge boobs”

As Casey said, it definitely is Laura’s fault she chose to get implants, and she thinks that people want to vote her out because of them. Trust me Laura, no one cares. Not at all.

At the veto ceremony, Russell used the veto on Lydia and Jessie put up Braden as a replacement nominee. I was actually kind of hoping for Ronnie to go up, but I’m glad Lydia is safe. Now as long as Braden goes home and not Chima, I’ll be pleased. Next Thursday is the Head of Household competition after the eviction. Depending on who wins that, next week could be very interesting. Very interesting.