Jim Ross on Lesnar (again), Punk, Morrison and WM26 speculations

Jim Ross updated his blog today and as usual, it’s worth checking out. He talks about Brock Lesnar and his standing in UFC and writes how they must love him: “I find it unwise for those to think that UFC officials don’t love Lesnar for a variety of reasons but specifically for the income he is and will produce.” He goes on to predict that the person who finally beats Lesnar will be the new UFC messiah.

JR continues to praise CM Punk and John Morrison, adding that “There is no reason that both these men can’t headline WWE PPV’s in the near future.”

JR also talked to Edge and his road to recovert. He JR pulls out his crystal ball and looks into the future, speculating that Edge could return by Wrestlemania for a one on one match with Chris Jericho.

Click here for the full blog post, where JR also talks about Seth Green, Dolf Ziggler and the new Allied Powers DVD.

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