So You Think You Can Dance- Episode 5-11 Review

It’s top ten performance night, which means the judges no longer decide who’s going home and who’s staying. It’s all up to America now and the individual voting begins tonight. I would also like to point out that from this point on there is no real loser, because all of the remaining dancers are going on the tour.

This week each newly drawn couple will dance one partner dance, each of the top ten will dance a solo, and the boys will dance a piece, along with the girls dancing a piece. I’m glad they’re offering such a plethora of options for us to see the dancers in different situations and pairings.

The show started off with the girl’s Bollywood piece choreographed by Nakul. Nakul mentioned that this would be a fusion of a lot of different styles along with many regional styles of Indian dance. The girls, being dubbed the Bollywood Bombshells, danced with great energy, great movement and lines, and it was just great. The costumes were incredible. I thought the concept with the masks was weird but funny.  I also thought they worked very, very well together, I think they only lost synchronization for split seconds once or twice.

Next were Kayla and Evan with a Tony Meredith Viennese Waltz. I thought it was going to be disastrous with the height difference but the costumers compensated well with putting Kayla in bare feet. I think the costuming was lovely, and while I hate Seal, I think they danced well with the music. It’s surprising to me that when Evan danced with Randi, he looked shorter and stubbier, and with Kayla he looks long and lean. I thought they had great chemistry and it was overall a lovely piece.

Brandon had the first solo.  I loved the song, and the strength. I think it had great mix of content and tricks and was overall a great solo. I think that Brandon is most definitely safe.

Next up was Janette paired with Ade. They had a hip-hop piece done by Tabitha and Napoleon. I hated the song, but it was fun for the essence of the dance, but the costumes were SO distracting. I thought it was a little too thrift store/homeless man with bright colors for me.  I just thought it was fun, but not the most memorable piece in the history of SYTYCD.

Randi’s solo was next, and she just looked lovely. I thought the song was pretty and her dancing was pretty but that she struggled finding her center, and it looked like she fell out of a few of her turns. I think she’s the weakest dancer left and could be in some serious trouble.

Kupono’s solo was better then any of his others. He has very unique movements, and it was creative. He has great musicality but I wish he would add a few tricks and some height to his dancing. I think he embodies characters well and interprets choreography like a genius, but he needs to tap into he inner choreographer.

Next was the best piece of the night, a contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall for Janine and Jason. It’s good to see them with strong partners who can keep up. The choreography was pure and simple, yet explicitly unique. It had this certain Travis Wall aura. I loved it and definitely saw sparks between the two of them.

Next was Melissa’s solo, which was just boring and uninspired to me. I think she dances staticly, and I don’t feel her soul within the movements. There wasn’t enough content and it could’ve used a trick or two. It was just generic and boring to me.

Evan’s solo was just Gene Kelley-esque with humor and great energy. I just love his personality in his dance. He’s a unique dancer with smooth Broadway tricks and lovely heart. I think that though he doesn’t translate in all of the other pieces, I think that he is unique and an asset to the show. Kasprzativist!

Kayla’s solo was her best to date. It finally had a good mix of content and tricks and Kayla looked angelic and just gorgeous. I thought her heart finally showed through on the stage.

Kupono and Randi were next with a disastrous Paso Doble choreographed by Tony Meredith. First of all, I just hate Paso Doble. I think it’s too theatrical and too hard to relate to as an audience member. I needed power and I found Randi’s wig creepy and didn’t feel it necessary. I disagreed with the judges because I think Kupono was more there in the dance then Randi. I think Randi looked way uncomfortable and she just isn’t strong. I think that they are the two most in trouble and most at risk of going home.

The next performance was Ade’s solo. I liked the soul of the song and the movement. He is just powerful and tall and long and his control it incredible. At first I didn’t really like Ade, but he is growing on me and I think he has great talent.

The eighth solo up was Janine. I think that her solo was alright, but slightly pedestrian and very much like her Moonlight Sonata piece, just with a different costume and different music. I just want her to get more creative and innovative.

Jason’s solo was next, and I love love love Muddy Waters. I liked that he was original and picked something so different to dance to. I loved his movement and his interpretation of the song into dance. I just think that this was a great night for Jason.

Melissa and Brandon were the last couple of the night. They had a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine set to Aquarius from the 70’s musical Hair. I think that the movement was original and different from most of Tyce’s choreography, but I think that they could’ve had a tad more personality. But I loved the lines and the moves and the tricks and it was danced very well.

The last solo was Janette’s. Her ode to Miami was just energetic and fun. It was definitely one of the better ballroom solos just because of the lovely energy and the great kicks. It was just fun.

The final dance of the night was the boys’ African piece by Jeffrey Page. It was just exciting and intricate and showed of the strength and masculinity of the guys. I loved the humor, for example the belly bounce at the beginning and Evan’s personality. I just thought it was a great way to end the night. I don’t think that any of them were off and they worked very well together.

I think that in the end, Kupono and Randi are the one’s going home. We’ll see.