WWE Superstars Recap for 7/16/09

This your WWE Superstars recap for the Pulse.Let’s see if this episode of WWE television was better than whatever else you were watching instead.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty: Cryme Tyme is accompanied to the ring by the lovely Eve and The Hart Dynasty is of course lead by the awesome Natalya. Shad and Smith start us off with a slugfest that Shad eventually gets the best of. A blind tag gets Tyson Kidd into the match but he is treated to a press slam and clotheslined out of the ring as we hit our first commercial break of the night.

We return to action with Shad still in control of the match until Kidd hits a chop block on the big man’s left leg and makes the tag to DH Smith. We get some classic heel tag-team antics with the Dynasty as they keep Shad on their side of the ring and continue to work the leg. As more of an old school guy I love stuff like this.

Tyson is dumped outside and Shad is able to make the hot tag to JTG who comes in and lights up Kidd with the offense. Pinfall attempt on Kidd gets broken up by Smith who is dumped outside by the recovering Shad. Natalya tries to intervene but is pulled off the apron by Eve. JTG hits a move that neither JR nor I know the name for and Cryme Tyme gets the pinfall victory. Word on the street is this feud shall continue tomorrow night on Smackdown with a 6 person tag-match. Pretty decent match tonight and I look forward to this feud continuing.

Rey Mysterio joins us as we return from the break but since he is in jeans I assume we’ll just be getting a promo from the Intercontinental Champion. Rey’s promo is a mix of English and Spanish and basically serves as a recap of the finish to last week’s Smackdown main event. Dolph Ziggler joins us to challenge Mysterio for the IC title at Night of Champions which Rey accepts. This will also lead us to a match on Smackdown tomorrow night with Mysterio teaming with Jeff Hardy against Ziggler and Chris Jericho.

Brie Bella vs. Katie Lea: This is sort of a rematch from last week’s ECW which was supposed to be Katie Lea against Nikki but you can probably guess how that turned out. Katie is without her brother Paul who lost last night on ECW. The twins enter together so I guess their gimmick doesn’t require one of them hiding under the ring anymore. I’m sure Hornswoggle miss the company.

The crowd is dead for this match and so is the action. Eventually Brie gets dumped outside and the twins both jump back in the ring to confuse the ref and Katie. The ref seems to pick the wrong one and this leads to Nikki getting a rollup for the win out of nowhere. Shouldn’t the twins switching places be a heel routine instead of something a face would do?

When we return from commercials we are treated to a video package for R-Truth as he asks a lot of people “what’s up”. Then we get the Raw Rebound and a recap of Seth Green’s night as Raw GM. Personally I think they did a pretty good job with his segments on Monday. How many guys if given the power wouldn’t immediately put the divas in bikinis and himself in the main event?

Big Show vs. US Champion Kofi Kingston: This is of course non-title and I guess a continuation of the Big Show’s feud with Kofi and Evan Bourne from Raw. Kingston starts of dodging and kicking but it he’s quickly on the mat after a big boot from Show. TBS begins an onslaught of his standard offense as he begins to dominate the match.

The US champ gets a brief offensive flourish, but the comeback is halted as Kofi’s “Trouble in Paradise” is blocked by Show and he chokeslams Kingston for the pinfall victory. And that ladies and gentlemen was more or less a big ole’ plate of squash. Not a great episode of Superstars this week as only the Cryme Tyme/Hart Dynasty match was worth tuning in for.

Superstars Rant of the Week: As much as a lot of viewers would prefer to see Kofi pushed over the Big Show, I think most would agree he has no business actually beating him. But a squash like this (or the one given to Evan Bourne) does no one any good. It’s not that I am not against the WWE using squash matches to help push talent I actually wish they would do it more. But not your US Champion or your rising stars. However, this is an ongoing problem with the Big Show. He is a jobber to the stars (Cena, Taker, HHH, etc) and he needs to be pushed as a monster except when getting pinned by one of them. But because he has no real direction other than that, you need to have him squash people that don’t help him or the one squashed. The only real solution for this is for him to be a part time player like the Undertaker where he comes in for his big feud to look like a monster and a big deal and then he goes away for a few months. At least that’s what I think, what about you?

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