10 Thoughts on RAW – 7.13.09

1. I’m pretty sure Triple H has an emotional problem. One week he’s angry and looks like King Kong, the next he’s super happy and thankful for the crowd.

2. For some reason, I figured Seth Green would be extremely nervous in front of the RAW crowd. Of course I forgot he is an actor, and he did a damn good job. His facial expressions were perfect and I kind of marked out when he announced that he would be wrestling. Good stuff.

3. Divas in swimsuits never fail. Kudos, Seth Green.

4. Jericho continues to be a smarmy ass-hole which, again, never fails. His vocabulary is so beyond ours I usually have to Google at least two-words from his promos. (Look for a new promo column by me sometime next week!)

5. The Miz’s “I’m Awesome” saying is really cool and all, but he needs to get rid of the pause between the two words. He’s giving the crowd too much time to chime in and as soon as Vince sees the crowd is liking something The Miz is doing, his career will be done.

6. Does anybody really care about the Primo/Carlito promo? I’ve seen like… 500 tag team split-up feuds in the last 2 years. I don’t care anymore.

7. Chris Jericho’s promo about Edge being injury prone and the the contract was amazing. I don’t think it’s a surprise who Jericho’s partner will be and who Rhodes’ partner will not be.

8. Why is Triple H getting a shot at the title? He has lost to the champion in two out of their last three matches! If anyone deserves a title shot, it’s Mark Henry. He dominated against Orton and beat the lone-owner of the WWE Undisputed Titles.

9. … ZZ Top? Really?

10. The main-event was awesome! It looked like Seth Green was having a really good time and the post-match altercation between HHH and Cena was a nice addition. By the way, am I the only one that’s bothered that his name is “Seth Green” while his hair is red?

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