So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 5-12 Review

It’s results time, Nigel isn’t here, and the show is only one hour. YES.

The opening routine is an interesting mix of ballet, hip hop, and Japanese influences. Here’s the real kicker – it works. It’s really intriguing, and Melissa and her pointe get a starring role. I’m guessing a Robson routine and I would be right. LOVE.

Cat gets right to announcing those in danger, and looky looky, I was right about alllll of them. Randi, Melissa, Kupono, and Ade. I guess I have figured out America’s voting criteria. I would be absolutely fine with any of them going home tonight except for Ade, he’s a star and just had a mediocre night.

The two judges discuss the Bottom 4, and the best moment in tonight’s episode is Debbie Allen dismissing the Paso Doble altogether. I like the Paso, but it’s her interaction with Mary (decidely less screechy when Nigel isn’t there for her to annoy) and repeated exclamations (Chiiiild, Honey, etc.) that make her a joy to watch. Debbie Allen every week!

Here’s the worst part of tonight’s show – the Bottom 4  perform the very same solos they did last night. Why? Was it too much for them to come up with another one in a day? I don’t like it. This results in the bulk of the show being  a warmed up version of yesterday’s, and I use this time to contemplate Kupono’s killer fashion sense. It was mentioned on the show that he made his own outfits, and I want him to dress me. So does Cat Deeley, apparently, and she gushes more about his clothes than his dancing. I wish someone would tell him to pull his pants up a little. He seems really close to making this a non-family show.

The Black Eyed Peas come on to perform while the judges “contemplate” who is going home. This is one of the best performer matches for the show, and they really light the stage on fire. Cat reminds us how they supported the show back in the day by opening up their music catalogue, and I’m sent back to the days where all of the Latin dancing was set to “Mas Que Nada.”

The results are in and it’s no surprise – Randi and Kupono are going home. Both had the unlucky challenge of being overshadowed by their partners and never getting the chance to cultivate their own fanbases. Not to mention floundering the first week they didn’t have others to help them. It was their time to go, and Kupono has a future as a stylist.

See you next week!