White: Lesnar is the new Tyson


I’m glad to see that Dana White has gotten some sleep and calmed down from his grueling UFC 100 schedule. Dana appeared on Steve Cofield’s show to discuss Lesnar’s antics, and he seems to understand that he has the biggest potential star in the history of mixed martial arts on his hands in Lesnar. He tells Cofield that Lesnar can be a bad guy if he chooses to be a bad guy, but that dissing the sponsor and getting in Mir’s face after he’d already decimated the guy was bad form.

Outside of those comments, it appears like Dana is going to let Brock be Brock and not claim that his antics were something carried over from his wrestling days. Dana spent extensive time talking about how tough it is to be around Brock in the days leading up to a fight, which leads me to believe that he’s fine with pushing Lesnar for what he is: a fierce competitor with a drive to win that probably exceeds just about anyone else in mixed martial arts.