Big Brother – Episode 11-4 Review

It’s Big Brother’s first live show, and Jessie’s week of power is finally coming to an end. But before a new Head of Household can be crowned, someone has to be evicted.

And RIGHT as I was beginning to like him, Braden gets the ax. UGH! He was interesting at least and he was a major roadblock in the athletes completely owning the house. With him gone, I don’t see Jordan or Laura making it much further unless they can win HoH. Which sadly did not happen this week, but that’ll come later.

In the days before the eviction, the house erupted into different fights. First Braden and Lydia got into a fight, and Kevin obviously had to get involved because him and Lydia are BFFs. Then Lydia and Jordan get into a fight because Jordan didn’t cry when Lydia was nominated??? I have no idea what that was about. But it was entertaining, because Jordan completely owned Lydia. Lydia is slowly becoming one of my least favorite houseguests this season.

However, Braden did make some remarks about Kevin and Lydia that weren’t acceptable and he made even more comments that weren’t aired in the episode, but were much worse. So I completely understand why almost the whole house was mad at him, but it’s just getting ridiculous.

Now Jordan, as the amazing strategist she is, almost gets the votes to save Braden. It was SO close, but Ronnie (UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) flipped back with the athletes and voted out Braden. Michele voted Chima. Casey voted Chima. Jordan/Laura voted Chima. Jeff voted Chima. The plan would have been perfect, and this week an athlete would go home, but NOOOOOO. Ronnie has to screw everything up and force a tie, and as HoH Jessie voted out Braden.

Worst. Case. Scenario.

Well actually, the worst case scenario would be if Ronnie won Head of Household. OH WAIT!

Worst. Case. Scenario. Happened.

After Braden left in a firestorm, everyone left particpated in the HoH competition. And it was going perfect for so long, with Jeff and Laura answering most of the questions and eliminating the athletes. But somehow, Ronnie ended up winning the challenge. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Ronnie sucks at this game. He’s so transparent, and no one likes him. No one. He thinks he’s a stratgic mastermind, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. So just for him, I’ve chosen the DCOTE from the mouth of Ronnie –

“I’m pretty much the biggest schemer here”

Sure you are Ronnie. Sure you are. I really don’t think there’s been someone I’ve hated on this show more than Ronnie. He’s despicable, AND HE’S HOH! This week is not going to be pretty. The best I can hope for is if somehow an athlete gets nominated and evicted, and then one of the populars or offbeats wins HoH next week. Ronnie needs to go home, and fast. He brings nothing to the game except being annoying. He’s not going to win any veto competitions. He’s not going to win this game. He’s much too dumb for that (although Adam was pretty dumb and won, so who knows).

Ronnie, please be smart and nominate the athletes. They’re not on your side. They don’t have your back. They’re going to backstab you and take control of the game. So please, nominate them! Thanks so much.

Did I mention I really hate Ronnie???