Who’s Who in the DCU: Black Lanterns

Great, a new week, a new comic, a new two page spread that requires identification for a variety of characters. In fact it’s so time consuming I’m going to skip my usual opening and just straight into it.

Manolis pesters;

some people in there named who you didnt cover last time. I have no idea who they are. Help everyone out. (please?)


Dead Green Lanterns. “Sound like fun” he said sarcastically.

Ok here’s how this is going to go I’m going to doing my best to identify dead Green Lanterns based on how they look and give them a name. If you’re interested in what sector they patrolled or how they died I highly suggest that you check out The Book of Oa (which is a great research site).

On the first page of the spread you’ve got Arkkis Chummuck who looks like he’s about to bite your thumb. Directly behind him with the golden patch on his eye is Kreon (and I know it’s not a patch.) Now that huge head looking thing behind Kreon is Galius Zed. In front of Galius Zed in the adorable overalls is Ch’p. The woman decaying next to Ch’p is Katma Tui. Behind Katma in the trench coat is Jack T. Chance.

Now jumping back to Kreon behind him and to the left is a guy with a button nose and furry face is Arx. Behind Arx is a floating thing with wings and an oval head, that’s the Unknown Green Lantern. Directly beneath the Unknown Lantern is Ki-Nilq. Next to Ki-Nilq is another gent with a hirsute face, he’s Rak Arranya. Behind Rak Arranya to the right is a dino looking creature better known as Cherniss.

Back to Kreon again, but this time behind him to the right is a guy with what looks like a sash, it’s Ayria. Behind Ayria with tentacles flailing is Zaharan Pel. Behind Zaharan Pel with wings and his arms raised like he doesn’t have a care is Ebikar Hrui. Flying above Ebikar Hrui is a bug named Chogar. To the right of Ebikar Hrui is an insectoid looking creature known as Bogosar. Next to Bogosar (and between Zaharan Pel’s tentacles) is another chipmunk, B’rr.

Let’s go back to Zaharan Pen and to right there’s a guy with a catfish-stache, that’s none other than Starkadr. Now behind Starkadr there’s a floating guy with a cape, that’s Wylxa. In front of Wylxa with his arms raised is Squagga. To Squagga’s right with four arms is Spak Drom. Behind Spak Drom is a white thing named Eddore.

Now we’re going to back to Jack T. Chance. Behind Jack T. Chance is a woman with a headband, she’s Adara. Behind Adara is huge creature with claws, he’s Tanakata Z. Next to Tanakata Z is an alien with a fin, that’d be TO-T-U-K. Behind TO-T-U-K with the long hair is Kento Omoto.

Phew. We’re halfway there.

On the second page we’ll start with the guy in the foreground who’s got horns and appears to be gunning for your other thumb, that’s Ke’Haan. The insect, also in the foreground is Bzzd. Behind Ke’Haan with the beard and mask is Remnat Nod.

Let’s jump back to Katma Tui for a second. Behind Katma Tui is Tylot. Behind Tylot and sporting shoulder pads and a mask is Reemuz. Now the woman putting her butt into Tylot’s face is KT21. Behind KT21 to the right is an crystalline orb sporting a Mohawk, that’s Diamalon.

Back to Ke’Haan, behind his horn is a stereotypical looking alien with a sash who goes by the name of Ahtier. Behind Ahtier to the right is a female with long gloves and long hair, Pelle. Next to Pelle is a guy holding an axe, he’s Barin. Behind Barin to the right is a bald guy in all black who’s named Bruks. Behind Bruks with a long neck is Zborra.

Jumping back to Ahtier, behind him to the left is a guy who looks like a big head named Cundiff Cood. Behind Cnudiff Cood to the right is a guy with an open mouth and a head full of hair, better known as Rori Dag. Behind Rori Dag to the right is reddish cross looking thing, named Flodo Span. Behind Rori Dag to the left is an insectish looking creature, Kendotha Kr’nek. Next to Rori Dag to the left is a guy with a fin, his name is Blish. Behind Blish is a big alien with an open mouth, that’s Chthos-Chthas Chthatis. Directly between Blish and Chthos-Chthas Chthatis is a generic alien named Burkett.

Let’s go back to Diamalon, behind it is a guy with hard features named Yron. Behind Yron to the right is a guy with the standard alien shaped head, he’s Khen-To. Next to Khen-To is a guy wearing a mask, he’s Shingo Wol. To Shingo Wol’s right is a dead guy who looks identical do Kilowog, he’s Branwilla.

Back to Reemuz behind him and to the right is a woman with a Mohawk, she’s Avir. Behind Reemuz, behind him and the left is yet another mohawkish looking head on the body of Davo Yull. Behind Davo Yull to the right is a dead GL with wings, K’ryssma. On K’ryssma’s right is a horse looking alien, Brin. To K’ryssma’s left is someone with an interesting hairstyle, Hollika Rahn. Behind Hollika Rahn is the dead Green Lantern Priest.

It should be noted that two Green Lanterns are notably missing; Abin Sur and Tomar Re. One was Hal Jordan’s predecessor and the other was one of his closest allies during his early years with the GLC.

And there you have it, those are the dead Green Lanterns in that splash page. Props to Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert for illustrating it and damn Geoff Johns to hell for writing the scene into the book.

We’ll be back shortly with more questions and answers.

“One last breath before I close my eyes.”

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