MGF Reviews Amy Serrata – Amy Serrata

Amy Serrata – Amy Serrata
Born to Create Music (10/23/08)
R&B / Jazz

What is to be said about an artist as unique as Amy Serrata? She is defining herself with her art and refusing to be anyone’s doll. Her music is inimitable, with an undertone of sassiness and lightheartedness. Her inspirational self-titled debut will ascend your spirits and make you want to do something that you love.

As much as we all seem to enjoy songs that just make us want to dance, we are ever appreciative of music with a less shallow meaning. This is the kind of music that causes one reflect, meditate, and, damn it, think about the important stuff in life, such as who we are beyond the skin we live in, and what we stand for outside the box in which the world sometimes puts us.

Beyond all that, let’s not forget natural talent. Serrata is full of it. This is a voice so versatile that every track has its own exclusive sound. There isn’t too much of anything and just enough of what you want to hear. Her gospel background is obvious on “Lets”, on which she wants to just make her music and live. She is essentially posing the same question as hip hop great Jay-Z: “Can I live?”.

Although I’m not sure of her prowess as an emcee, Amy Serrata has undeniable hip hop vibes laced throughout. The intro track “This Is Me”, throws you for a loop when the abruptness of a female voice starts a catchy flow that compels you to listen again to understand exactly what was said. And once you do, the magic of the album begins.

The album also has more than a touch of class—it’s just a classy joint. She has the soul in her voice reminiscent of Sarah Vaughan or Dinah Washington. Unlike the aforementioned, though, she uses her talent to sing more than the blues and romance songs. While romance is such a lovely subject matter, it can be, at times, a bit of a downer, and mushy. But Serrata tends to make love feel light and pure on “Monday Morning”. This is definitely one to listen for, as it brings the album in with an upbeat air. It is about just what the name suggests and we know how depressing Mondays can be. But Monday mornings aren’t so bad with a love to wake up to, so Amy says. How charming.

Amy Serrata is occupied with a down-to-earth, natural feel, as Serrata has used her voice to her advantage. Each track works for her talent; she isn’t forcing herself to be a pop star. (Even the moments of hip hop feel instinctive.) With so many new artists looking to gain notoriety by any means possible, the ones who remain true to their music are highly favored and outnumbered. On the final track, “Rooted”, she sings of her strong roots, and it is evident on this album she has strong roots in what is simply considered good music. No featured artists, no voice-altering equipment. That’s what I call good music—sorry, Mr. West.


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