Reno 911: The Complete Sixth Season – DVD Review


The ineptitude and disregard for rules and regulations continues with the sixth season of episodes following everyones favorite Reno County Sheriffs department.

(Warning: The following review contains spoilers for those who havent seen seasons five or six. In brief, this season is fantastic but make sure to see season five first.)

Season five ended with an explosion of a cliffhanger, literally. As season six opens some time has passed and we learn that Deputies James Garcia, Clementine “Clemmie” Johnson and Cherisha Kimball died in the explosion. But dont cry too hard, for two new guys have signed on to protect and serve as Renos finest. Deputy Frank Rizzo (Joe Lo Truglio) and Sergreant Jack Declan (Ian Roberts.)

For better or for worse, season six is more of what you have come to expect from the show. Lo Truglio, a former fellow member of The State and Roberts, of Upright Citizens Brigade fame, bring a lot to the table with fresh new characters and there are certainly many hilarious moments in each and every episode, but this season is not going to win the show any new fans. Its solid and very entertaining, but not as good as seasons past. That said, the two parter, Dangles Murder Mystery rank up as on of the series funniest episodes. This season also has a very important moment when we learn why Dangle wears such short shorts, why Junior always wears a bullet proof vest and why Wiegel is well Wiegel. This is also the first season in a while that hasn’t had a cliff ending.

You get your favorite reoccurring characters like Terry, Cindy (the sex slave turned secretary and several others along with a few news ones that are sure to return in the future. There are also some fantastic guest appearances including Patton Oswald, Rainn Wilson, Scott Thompson and Craig Robinson.

If you like Reno 911 then youre certainly going to enjoy this season. If youre thinking about checking out the show, Id start with an earlier season and work your way up to this.


Discs 1:

Training Day (Part 2) (4/1/09)

Introduction to the new guys: Sgt. Declan and Deputy Rizzo.

Extradition to Thailand (4/8/09)

A man (Patton Oswald) turns himself in claiming to be wanted in Thailand so a couple deputies get a free trip to Thailand to turn him in.

Digging With The Murderer (4/15/09)

Dangle and Williams take a convicted serial killer (Rainn Wilson) out of prison so that he’ll leap them to the bodies of his victims. But he has other plans.

Dangles Murder Mystery (Part 1) (4/22/09)

Dangle decides to host a murder mystery dinner, inviting his ex-wife, her flamboyant ex-husband, and her new flamboyant fiance (Scott Thompson). But things take a turn when one of the guests dies!

Dangles Murder Mystery (Part 2) (4/29/09)

The deputies try to figure out the real murder mystery at Dangles dinner.

We Dont Want The Pope (5/6/09)

The Pope’s advance screening team arrives in Reno to see if the Pope should come and the gang does everything in their collective power to dissuade him from coming.

VHS Transfer Memory Lane (5/13/09)

The gang watch old VHS tapes and take a trip down memory lane. In this episode we learn why Dangle wears short shorts, Junior wears his bulletproof vest and Wiegel is the way she is.

Discs 2:

Helping Mayor Hernandez (5/20/09)

Reno’s mayor (George Lopez) needs help from the deputies when he thinks he’s married a hooker.

Getaway Trailer (5/27/09)

Wiegel and Rizzo wind up trapped in a traveling camper and end up getting very intimate.

Stoner Jesus (6/3/09)

A drug-addled touring company of “Jesus Christ Superstar” causes trouble in Reno. Also, Dangle finally stages his very belated 10th anniversary tribute to Lady Di.

Deputy Dance (6/10/09)

The Sheriff’s Department hires Reno’s finest commercial director, Levon French (Craig Robinson), to help them make a new recruitment commercial.

Viacom Grinch (6/17/09)

The gang are sent on a special assignment to confiscate all the knock off toys and party favors, ruining kids parties all over Reno.

The Midnight Swingers (6/24/09)

Jones and Williams go undercover to penetrate a steamy underground swinger’s club.

Secret Santa (7/1/09)

Strange new deputies seem to have showed up out of nowhere but the gang is more concerned about trying to remember their names and whether or not they’ll have to include them in this years secret Santa.

Wiegels Couples Therapy (7/8/09)

When Wiegel’s insurance runs out for one-on-one therapy the enlists Williams to join her in couples therapy.

Presented in widescreen 1.78:1 and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. This show looks and sounds just as good as it always does. Certainly nothing to complain about here.

Commentary: You get commentary from various cast members on three episodes. These are, as always, very funny commentaries and worth listening to.

Tupperware for Tampa Uncut: (13 min.) An uncut version of one of the scenes on the show.

Proflies in Valor: (4 min.) Little Intros for Deputy Rizzo and Sgt. Declan.

Commercials: (2 min.) The complete Linoleum and Deputy commercials from Deputy Dance.

Digital Copy


Its sad to see that Garcia, Johnson and Kimball are gone, but Rizzo and Deck are a welcome addition to the force and that along with some hilarious guest appearances makes the sixth season another solid outing for the show. Not the best season, but still very entertaining.


Comedy Central presents Reno 911: The Complete Sixth Season. Created by: Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver. Starring: Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Cedric Yarbrough, Niecy Nash, Ian Roberts and Joe Lo Truglio. Running time: 330 min. on two discs. Not Rated. Released on DVD: July 7, 2009. Available at

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