WWE Hall of Fame 2010 & Raw PG-13 News

Internal discussions about next year’s Hall of Fame inductions have begun in WWE. Some of the names mentioned include Ted Dibiase, Honky Tonk Man and Ultimate Warrior. Dibiase is a given and was already teased during his recent appearance on Raw. He grew up in Arizona, which will be the site of WrestleMania 26. Honky and Warrior both live in Phoenix, which helps, although Warrior is unlikely to be inducted unless his lawsuit against WWE is settled. He sued the company over the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD they released, which was thought to be in violation of an existing agreement that neither party would publicly disparage the other.

Although there has been no official change in WWE’s ratings policy, the creative team has begun to slowly sneak things in that are more PG-13 than PG. There have been a few references to lesbianism in recent weeks on Raw, plus last week saw six women wrestling in bikinis and a skit involving a male doll with his head on a female doll’s chest. The writers want to push things further in this direction although there has been no official change of direction made. There is already talk of having The Godfather be the Guest Host of Raw on August 24th in Las Vegas, which is where he lives and runs a stripclub, assuming the weekly host gimmick has not been dropped by then.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 20th July 2009 (subscribe here)

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