Big Brother – Episode 11-5 Review

Before I begin this blog, I would just like to make one point perfectly clear.

I despise Ronnie. He’s a despicable and vile human being who needs to go home as soon as possible.

Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh, but this guy is the true definition of idiot. He believes he’s the mastermind behind EVERYTHING, when really he’s not. And then he wins HoH? Kill me now.

Basically this entire episode revolves around Ronnie and how dumb he is. He voted against the popular alliance and blamed Michele for it. He’s playing both sides, but doing a horrible job at it. On the other hand, he is expertly splitting the house in half. There’s two sides and I’m not sure if that’s going to stay through the whole game or not. But as of right now, he’s making himself a target. He could have thrown the competition to Michele and let her be HoH, and he would have been 100% safe still. But no, he has to win and nominate Jeff and Laura for eviction. NOT acceptable Ronnie.

The Have and Have Not’s competition was… interesting to say the least. The costumes showed much more than I wanted to see, especially when it came to Ronnie. If I ever have to see Ronnie in a space princess costume again, I will throw up. That’s a fact. He needs much more clothing. MUCH more.

Casey and Chima won, but Chima basically threatened Casey into making the Popular clique the Have Nots. Chima is really just becoming pathetic, being mean to everyone just to make herself feel better. I did enjoy her outburst on the live show last episode, but she really is getting old. Just another reason I despise Ronnie, he saved her from eviction last week. Laura’s right, Chima is obnoxious. She won’t win.

Right now I think the off-beats are in the best position to make it to the end of the game. They’re not really being targeted, but I think they’re all good players. Even if I don’t like Lydia, she can manipulate people. Kevin’s just kind of her follower. And Casey’s one of my favorites this season. Him, Jordan, Jeff, Michele and now Laura are my favorites. WHAT a coincidence that they’re all alligned! One of them needs to win HoH next week.

The DCOTE was actually from Jordan, my favorite houseguest in a long while.

“I like hearing northern accents. There’s this lady that came into the salon where I work at, and she was just like ‘Yeah my daughter’s getting her hair done. I’ll be in and out of the salon so if ya’ll need anything give me a call'”

Now why this quote is so amazing is because of the accent Jordan put on it. Her accent trying to sound northern is purely entertaining.

Ronnie says his plan is to backdoor Russell, which I’m not sure if I believe. If he did, he would be almost back in my good graces but I don’t think it’s going to work. He nominated Jeff and Laura, and if one of them wins the power of veto, even if Ronnie puts up Russell I don’t think he’d go home. He’s got all his athletes as well as Lydia and Kevin, and I think that’s enough votes to save him.

Jessie somehow isn’t a target this week. He’s almost invisible, which is a good thing. Anytime we have less Jessie, the better. Natalie is kind of just there. I just know she’s with the athletes, but I don’t know where she stands.

This season is already exciting and it’s only week 2. But if all the popular alliance goes home, well this game might get much too predictable. I couldn’t stomach a Jessie or a Russell win of this game, so the populars need to start winning HoH and FAST!