News on Smackdown Anniversary, Lashley & Pretty Ricky

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show that used to be such a bigger deal than it is nowdays, WWE is taping A Decade of Smackdown special on September 29th at the TD Garden in Boston. The episode will be broadcast on October 2nd. All three brands will be a part of the show because that has not been done in a while. Meanwhile, the Best of Smackdown DVD set is released on September 15th.

Bobby Lashley was backstage at the Victory Road PPV. For whatever zany reason made sense to them at the time, TNA did not consider putting him on the broadcast – not even to tape an interview with him that promoted their own product instead of UFC and Brock Lesnar.

Evan Bourne was originally scheduled to wrestle Brian Kendrick on Raw last night. He was then pulled and replaced with Jerry Lawler.

Pretty Ricky came about because Ron Killings was goofing around backstage doing the character. Vince McMahon watched him doing the routine and got a kick out of it, so it wound up being written into the show to keep him amused.

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