A Modest Blog with thoughts on new ECW talent

So I finally caught the new ECW guys last night. Here’s my thoughts on each.

Yoshi Tatsu is actually pretty good, but I have a bad feeling he’ll be going the way of Tajiri. He’s talented, but WWE hates foreigners. See also Burchill, Paul. As an aside, for those wondering, Tatsu’s trainer in Japan was none other than Yuji Nagata, who I don’t believe ever faced Regal, let alone injured him, but could be wrong.

Ezekiel Jackson is a mountain of steroids. I don’t think I’ll have much use for him, but he vs. Koslov is kept short is fun in a freakshow way and the kids should get a kick out of it.

Short of doing something stupid, Tyler Rex should be a star. He’s tall with a good build, nice hair, a tan and fairly athletic. If he can either talk or develop any presence, he’s a future main eventer- which isn’t to say he deserves any of it, but its how the WWE works.

Sheamus should be a good mid-carder for a long while. Lets see if they can avoid going full comedy with him. If they can, he could certainly fill a role on television, hopefully on Smackdown, the show that actually cares about their midcard.

The less said about the show ending interview, the better. I don’t even want to talk about the lame host. Wheeler and Andy Mac are right; he’s terrible.