Big Brother – Episode 11-6 Review

I was going to hold off on writing a blog for this episode and save all my Ronnie disgust for the eviction episode, but after hearing the dumb comment of the episode from Ronnie himself, I knew I couldn’t miss this oppurtunity.

But before getting to the DCOTE and my intense hatred of Ronnie, I’ll talk about the nominees before and after veto.

Jeff – He’s a cool guy, and I really like him so far. He seems chilled out, but knows when he has to yell at someone to get his point across. A lot of the house likes him now, and I’m glad he won the power of veto. He took himself off the block and saved himself.

Laura – I hated Laura in the first few episodes, but the last two she has become one of my favorites. My favorite quote this episode was from Laura as she’s watching Ronnie walk back into the house, “5…4…3…2…1…He’s such a liar!” She’s actually a smart “hot girl” and knows how to play the game. And she saw right through Ronnie and knew from the beginning that he was a liar. Sadly she’ll most likely go home this week, but at least she’s exposed Ronnie for the liar he is.

Jordan – Jordan’s the innocent one who got nominated this week. Honestly, she’s done nothing against Ronnie or anyone, but she’s apparantly the “pawn”. Now I don’t think she’ll go home this week, but I’m not pleased she’s up for eviction at all. I also feel bad for her because she’s obviously not the brightest person on the planet. I mean come on Jordan, one-fourth of 60 is NOT 25!

Russell is smart by trying to be friends with the other alliance, but then he goes back to his alliance and is just a complete jerk to them. He reminds me of Jase (Jasey!) from season 5, just goes insane on people for no reason whatsoever. And it made people want to nominate him. Just because Ronnie is a coward and didn’t do it, that doesn’t mean Russell didn’t make a smart move.

And when I say Ronnie is a coward, I mean it. Not shown on the CBS episode, Ronnie came up with a “plan” for at the veto ceremony after Jeff took himself off, Ronnie would ask everyone who they want him to nominate. Then they would all say Russell, so he’d put up Russell. THANKFULLY Lydia called him out on it. She started saying he was a coward and a liar and he’s only doing that to keep blood off his hands. And he was trying to do that. He’s such a transparent player, and will hopefully go home next week.

Now I want to touch on a few players who haven’t gotten much exposure.

Casey – This guy is a genius and so far is playing the game brilliantly. He knows when to call people out and he knows who to allign with. And he’s not a target!

Kevin – Kevin is a true “floater”, but he’s not going to gain any respect for it. I don’t even think he had a diary room this entire episode, and if ┬áhe did it didn’t say anything meaningful. And I don’t even think I’ve seen a scene with him in it where he’s not with Lydia. Lydia controls him. Even today Ronnie asked Kevin if he’d vote out Russell and Kevin was like “I’ll do whatever you guys do!” UGH! I like him and think his random confessionals are funny, but he needs to get in the spotlight. It might work out well for him though, who knows.

Michele – This girl is surprisingly funny, and knows how to have fun as well as be respectable too. Very interesting player, and could easily slip through the weeks and make it to the end without anyone seeing it coming.

Well sadly Laura or Jordan are going to go home this week, but hopefully all the house will vote him out next week. I really want Michele to stick around, but I’m praying her or Chima don’t win Hoh next week. I DON’T WANT RONNIE SAFE!

And now it comes to one of the most interesting, random, disgusting and just plain insane DCOTE yet –

“These quarters had gotten trapped in my buttcheeks! I may have lost the competition, but at least I came out $1.25 richer!”

Yes, Ronnie got quarters stuck up his butt in the veto competition where they dropped money on the houseguests. And the sad part is, he’s completely excited he got $1.25. Just his face and how excited he was, how pathetic. Get this guy off my screen and FAST!