WWE Smackdown Spoilers

For this Friday’s episode, featuring Punk against Mysterio…

– Jeff Hardy vowed to win the title at Night of Champions and to get payback on Chris Jericho after last week.

– Jeff Hardy beat Chris Jericho with the Swanton, after blocking a superplex attempt. Said to be a great match.

– Michelle McCool agreed to defend the Women’s Title against Melina at Night of Champions. She ran down a bunch of former Divas, even forgetting Trish Stratus’ name. Melina threw make-up in her face. How rude.

– Khali beat Mike Knox with a Punjabi Plunge. Kane watched from the entrance ramp. He teased geting into the ring afterwards but then backed off.

– Dolph Ziggler beat Finlay by count-out. Maria was at ringside with Ziggler and he made sure she got a comfortable announcer’s chair rather than one of the standard folding ones. Finlay sent Ziggler outside but backed away when Maria went to check on him. Ziggler then hit his finisher on Finlay and ducked back inside just in time to beat the count.

– Kane and Chris Jericho met backstage, teasing a tag team partner spot for the PPV.

– C.M. Punk called the fans slaves for living in the moment. “It’s hard to be straight edge. It’s hard to be me.” He said they should walk away from their vices – don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take pills, don’t cheer Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy interrupted and said Punk had forgotten what it was like to be human. Punk refused to stand in the same ring as Hardy, so he was going to say what Hardy should have said a long time ago. “No.” Punk then walked away.

– Eve beat Natalya after a moonsault.

– Chris Jericho and Khali met backstage to talk about the tag team situation. Runjin Singh said that the Great Khali said he wanted to be a champion but not with Jericho.

– R-Truth beat Charlie Haas with a scissors kick.

– Jim Ross and Todd Grisham did the customary in-ring PPV hard-sell.

– Rey Mysterio beat C.M. Punk by disqualification. Ziggler hit Mysterio after a 619 connected to Punk. Mysterio tried a 619 on Ziggler but Punk caught him. They then beat on Mysterio until Hardy made the save, only for Punk to hit the GTS on Hardy.

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