10 Thoughts on ECW – 07.21.09

01. I hate you Tommy Dreamer. You are my Frankenstein and I want to stick you with a pitchfork and poke you with a torch until you go up in smoke.

02. Yoshi Tatsu is going to get over huge. They haven’t really said that whether he can or cannot speak English but I’m sure he is doing his best to learn the language and tone down his accent.

03. William Regal was awesome as well. I really wish he would go all out in one of his matches and just try to put on some MOTY contenders. He should be next ECW Champ.

04. Ezekiel Jackson looked like a beast. I’m really interested in where this Kozlov thing is going to go.

05. Shelton Benjamin is the reason to watch ECW. He is consistently putting on good TV matches. Tune in just to check him out.

06. Paul Burchill isn’t getting over. And he looks injured. He will be gone VERY soon.

07. Tyler Reks gives of the vibes that he is the Cali version of CM Punk.

08. The Abraham Washington Show. Hated it the first week. Liked it the second week because I hate Tommy Dreamer. Loved it this week because I hate Tommy Dreamer. I think the humor for this kind of thing appeals primarily to minorities and I think Washington will seriously catch on in upcoming weeks.

08. Tommy Dreamer looked like a bloated walrus. I hope he gets diarrhea in the middle of his match Christian at Night of Champions and disgraces himself so much that he never comes back.

09. Christian heel turn? I think so. J&C coming up!

10. I love it when Abraham Washington high-tailed it out of there when Dreamer and Christian stated with each other.

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