10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 7.23.09

1. Taz comes right out and says that he will never be able to wrestle, which sounds like wasted money to me. His promo tonight was generic and pointless, and if all he’s going to do is talk, it will make no positive difference in TNA.
2. The Joe versus Homicide match was pretty lame, and Joe imitating Taz is just irritating. I like the idea of Hernandez versus Joe though.
3. All this talk about “The Office” is nothing short of spectacularly idiotic. TNA, it is not hip or whatever to try and be so “insider.”
4. Jeremy Borash just needs to stop. I hate how emotional all the interviewers in TNA are (him and Lauren). They need to take some lessons from Mean Gene.
5. Damn, Big Rocco got over tonight! But why did they get to look so good, when the Motor City Machineguns always look like wimps?
6. Not that I mind seeing Traci, but why would a battle royal need a referee inside the ring? Oh, that’s why she was in the ring. Cute, but why does the Main Event Mafia need another woman to do nothing when they already have two?
7. I like the idea of AJ Styles and Matt Morgan having three matches on TV. I think Morgan is getting pretty good. The sad thing about Styles is that they try to position him as a top guy, but the booking always undermines him and keeps Foley, Angle, and Jarrett looking like the real stars.
8. WOW, Mike Tenay just shut up. Talking about the “unwritten code in the locker room” about “not using the piledriver” is another senseless attempt to try to be some kind of “edgy.” I hate this crap, and I hate Mike Tenay.
9. On a positive note though, if Young can get over as a heel that’d be nice. For as much as TNA claims to give everyone a chance, their main event scene gets as repetitive as anyone else’s.
10. Hard Hitting. Soft Spoken.

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