Bisping vs. Silva Not Discussed, Says Silva

The report we posted this morning from another site stating that Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva were set to face each other at UFC 105 has been debunked by Silva’s manager.

In an interview with Fighters Only magazine, Silva’s manager had the following to say:

“The rumors about Wanderlei fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 105 in Manchester or at any point are simply that, rumors.”

“For some publication to say they have been given an exclusive statement on this from Team Wand is not truthful,” he added. “Certainly, there have been no formal proposals or discussions relative to this match-up.

“Of course, there is speculation that such a fight will occur and certainly there remains a possibility of such a match-up. However, at this time, rumors of the fight occurring at UFC 105, are simply that.

“This fight has not been discussed or offered to us by the UFC. Wand’s preference is to fight in February. He wants to take time off to heal his body and mind, and with his new gym in Las Vegas, he has business affairs and a growing team to attend to.”

“Wanderlei and his coach, Raphael Alejarra, have both expressed a preference that Wanderlei wait until February for his next match. However if at some point in time, such a fight is proposed by the UFC, it will be given the appropriate consideration, as do all proposals, and a decision will be made at that time.”

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