10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 07.23.09

1. William Regal and Christian were a match made in heaven. Here’s to a long rivalry between these two.

2. Sick landing right there on the floor. Christian will really feel that one for a week.

3. I thought Christian was done after that reverse exploder suplex, but he outsmarted the crafty William Regal for the win.

4. Jaime Noble and Evan Bourne…wow the WWE is really making Superstars worth watching.

5. For five minutes, I was more entertained than the main event at Victory Road. Keep them coming.

6. The Chris Jericho video was so awesome that he needs his own DVD set.

7. Seeing Kane facing John Morrison is a huge sigh of relief because I thought we were going to get a dose of Kane/Khali. Although,

I’d rather see Punk v. Morrison again; this time for the title. Maybe at Summerslam.

8. Kane isn’t known for using restholds in the context of a match, but he wrestles a smart match against Morrison.

9. J.R., I wouldn’t call that kick to Kane on the turnbuckle a Pele. It looked different than what I’m used to see. Then again, AJ Styles does the Pele kick so well that there might be more than one way to do it.

10. Seeing Kane being scared of the Great Khali makes me wonder what is the connection. A heel begging for mercy? Weird.

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