Ric Flair Still Doesn’t Care For “Piss Ant” Bret Hart

PW Torch’s James Caldwell has taken the time to highlight the portions of Ric Flair’s interview with Live Audio Wrestling where Flair talks about how much he dislikes Bret Hart (who preceded him as a guest on the show). He certainly doesn’t think they have comparable accomplishments, and says that two of Bret’s other nemeses agree:

“He’s a piss ant in the history of wrestling. I’m offended when people even begin to compare my career,” Flair said. “Even Shawn (Michaels), Hunter (Triple H) are all offended. Who would compare Bret Hart’s career to mine?”

Flair apparently didn’t know that Hart would be appearing at ROH this weekend until someone on the show told him. He went on to say that it’s a good thing he’s going to be in Toronto on “the good night” for ROH, which I imagine ROH management really loves to hear. You can listen to Bret and Flair’s interviews here.

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