Pulse Wrestling’s RoH on HDNet Report: 7-25-09

Once again we get a broadcast of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet. This week we get a huge main event in the form of Tyler Black vs. Bryan Danielson part three. If this lives up to the previous encounters on HDNet, we are in for a huge treat. Does it live up? Read on to find out…

The Embassy of Jimmy Rave and “Dirty” Ernie Osiris with Prince Nana vs. The Necro Butcher and Grizzle Redwood

I always get a kick out of seeing Jimmy Rave and the Embassy get showered in toilet paper. Jimmy Rave proves the odd man out in this match not having an unwieldy beard. This is a pretty standard tag match, the expected guys take most of the heat in the match (hint: Not Rave and Necro). Redwood takes most of the heat but eventually tags out to Necro. Necro comes in and cleans house, cold cocking Jimmy Rave. Nana decides to help Rave to the back leaving Osiris alone to succumb to Redwood and Necro. This was fun.

Winner: Necro Butcher and Grizzly Redwood via pinfall

Kyle is in the back subjecting himself to Austin Aries. Aries dispatches of the lower life form and talks about how awesome he is. I agree. He also says he will hold the belt until he dies with everyone else on December 12, 2012. Man I love him.

Dark City Fight Club is returning soon…if you care.

Sara Del Rey and MsChif vs. Daizee Haze and Nevaeh

I find it odd that the SHIMMER Champion (MsChif) comes out to Sara’s music, but whatever. The story here is that MsChif has misted both of her opponents. She got Del Rey as a partner because she agreed to grant her a title shot in the future. With all of the “storytelling” done by WWE announcers they seldom do that concise a job of summarizing a story. Note: I’m not saying Hog and Prazak are better (they’re not). Just in this instance they did something better. This is a pretty standard tag match as well. I still might have to say that Daizee Haze is my least favorite competitor in RoH. MsChif tries to mist the Haze, but Daizee avoids it. Somehow that makes Neveah the legal competitor, but she quickly gets hit with the Royal Butterfly by Del Rey. Um ok…that was kind of terrible.

Winner: Sara Del Rey and MsChif via pinfall

Now Nigel has to deal with Kyle Durden. This time the camera man cuts Durden out of the frame. Way to go camera man. Nigel talks about who is going to win the RoH title. He doesn’t give a definitive answer, though.

Another installment of the Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana…yay. In addition to his spokesmodel Brent Albright, he has special guess the Merchandise girl. Colt is hilarious. He gets interrupted by the Embassy with Joey Ryan. He calls Prince Nana an Eddie Murphy impersonator. Before the Embassy has a chance to put the hurt on Colt, Albright comes in to make the save. While the Embassy makes their exit, Ernie Osiris steals a bunch of DVDs. This was simple, funny, and accomplished a lot.

Goddamnit…More Kyle Durden. Oh wait, he is interrupted by Eddie Kingston. He takes the camera away from Durden to hunt down and beat up Chris Hero. On the way he cracks Bobby Dempsey in the face for good measure. He finds Hero and they fight through the backstage area and out into the arena. Now, they are broken up by the pre-show guys and referees. They finally get broken up, and for good measure Sal Rinauro sells the shot to the jaw he took backstage all the way to the ring. He is left alone with Eddie and eats another punch to the face.

Main Event: Tyler Black vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

These guys have had a whole mess of awesome matches over the past year or two. This is a new angle based solely on their work on TV. This has devolved from respect to contempt the way so many great rivalries have. This is explosion vs. experience. Dragon wrestles the smart match by repeatedly slapping Tyler in the face to raise his ire and get in his head. They play into a lot of their previous matches both on TV and prior, but with more hatred between the two. They do an extended sleeper hold sequence and it is the first time in years that it has been both well done and interesting. They go back and forth with their big moves: Danielson’s submissions and Black’s explosive offense. They tease another double countout with an identical spot from their second match. They just beat the count and the match goes into the finishing stages. After some fighting spirit from both men Tyler Black is able to score the somewhat surprise win via the Small Package Driver (I like that name better than God’s Last Gift). This was an awesome match. It may not be as good as some of their other encounters, but is at least four stars.

Winner: Tyler Black via pinfall

After the match Danielson shows respect for Tyler Black and shakes his hand.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy Final Thoughts: This had a lackluster beginning, but it ended with a hot angle between Kingston and Hero and the main event was really awesome. I don’t really have much else to say about the show. If you can catch a replay or see the main event otherwise, I highly suggest you do so.

I’ll see you next time…

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