Mousasi Looks Towards UFC

Affliction Clothing has been a notable and successful clothing line geared towards the mixed martial arts community for several years. However, this week, they were not the ones doing the folding.

With dirty laundry being aired out, the wayward fate of Affliction Entertainment was exposed to all, resulting in a lost card and livid fighters.

The cancelled event left a long list of mixed martial artists out in the cold. Weeks upon weeks of training has proven costly and, at the moment, worthless for these fighters, who are left with merely disappointment and anger for what has transpired.

Perhaps no fighter holds more animosity in this unfortunate ordeal than Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi, who was to face Renato Sobral in one of the card’s highlight fights.

Mousasi delivered his anger in a spoken package to Fight Network Radio the day of Affliction Entertainment’s demise.

“It’s ridiculous that this has to happen,” said Mousasi to FNR. “I’ve been preparing for weeks now.”

With a blatantly empty space on August 1 of Mousasi’s calender, perhaps he is willing to lose his non-exclusive status for a more secure job with the organization sitting atop the MMA world.

“Well, what can I say? It’s ridiculous because one idiot we have to pay for that,” he stated. “F*ck it. Maybe I … I don’t know. Everytime … Maybe I’ll go to the UFC.”

The latter part of this statement is obvioulsy the most intriguing selection.

As many fighters embark on an exodus from Affliction Entertainment, the UFC will undoubtedly seek to land the cream of the crop now available, with Mousasi being one of the top prospects for a run with the company.

Fortunately, Mousasi already seems to be visualizing the clear path towards security and stardom.

A tenure with the UFC will allow the phenomenal mixed martial artists to be exposed to millions of fans who perhaps were unaware of his presence in the sport. Further benefits for the light heavyweight include better competition, the realization of fighting in the greatest mixed martial arts organization, and, perhaps most importantly, being a part of cards that will avoid cancellation.

Thus, as Affliction Entertainment ceases to exist, the UFC will pick from the debris left from a promotion’s destruction with a list of talent a mile long.

As Vitor Belfort and Fedor Emelianenko have gained the free agent spotlight at this time, Gegard Mousasi sits in proximity to the two as one of the greatest fighters outside of the UFC.

Perhaps that will all change as Mousasi has declared his interest in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now, all that is required of the UFC is to listen.

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