Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Night of Champions Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Night of Champions Report
Live from Philadelphia
Announcers: JR & Todd Grisham, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Chris Jericho & A Mystery Partner (c) vs. Legacy – WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Legacy comes out first, followed by Jericho, and his mystery partner is….they show the Edge injury video again…ahh the suspense. Jericho then belittles Edge, and introduces his partner….The Big Show. Show is in a new double strapped blue & navy singlet. Big Show dominates the beginning of the match, and tags in Jericho. Show rocket ships Jericho on Rhodes. Legacy takes over, and dominates over Jericho. Show comes in, goes for a double choke slam, but Legacy fights out, only for Rhodes to get a spear from Show, for a 2 count. Dibiase breaks it up, but Jericho comes in and hits him with the Codebreaker, and Show scores the pin.
Winner & Still Champs – Jericho & Show

Matthews is backstage with Punk, Punk asks the audience if they are still behind Hardy after the truth has come out about Hardy. The crowd pops huge, and he says that he doesn’t blame the kids, he blames the parents, or, more then likely, parent. He then gives parenting advice!!

Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian – ECW Championship
Christian dumps Dreamer to the floor early in the match, and does a baseball slide. Christian then goes for a springboard splash on the floor, but Dreamer misses. Back in the ring, Christian with a sleeper, but Dreamer falls to the floor bringing Christian with him. Christian back in first, goes to the top, but misses again. Dreamer puts Christian in the Tree of Woe, and hits the dropkick. Dreamer then goes for the DDT, but Christian turns it into Killswitch for the pin.
Winner & NEW Champ – Christian

Grisham with Show & Jericho. Show says that they are not friends, but you do not have to be friends to be champions. Jericho then thanks Edge for making all of this possible. HAHA.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Primo vs. Carlito vs. The Miz vs. MVP – US Championship
I guess Primo has replaced Big Show in this match. This match was a cluster. Here are some of the highlights. Carlito does a springboard flip to the floor on Miz & MVP. There was a tower of doom involving MVP, Primo, Swagger & Kofi. Kofi, Primo & Carlito trade roll up and slide pins. MVP goes to hit Swagger with the Play Maker, but Miz comes up from behind and his the Reality Check on MVP, and goes for the pin, but the Colons break it up. Carlito tries to direct Primo around, but as soon as Primo turns around, Carlito hits a Backstabber. Kofi comes out of nowhere and hits Trouble in Paradise to retain.
Winner and Still Champ – Kofi Kingston

Matthews with Randy Orton. Says that he will remain the WWE Champion.

Michelle McCool vs. Melina – Woman’s Championship
McCool dropkicks Melina while she was in the splits. Later in the match, Melina is standing on the retaining wall on the outside, and pulls McCool up, but McCool pulls Melina down into a DDT. McCool then rolls up Melina in the ring, very tight, for the fluke style win.
Winner and Still Champ – Michelle McCool

Video package for the WWE Title match situation.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena – WWE Championship
Cena and HHH corner Orton to start, and they double team on him for a while. HHH goes for a Pedigree, but Orton back body drops him over the top. When HHH comes back in, Cena is with it, and Orton pulls them both through the ropes and goes for the DDTs, but they slide out and toss Orton over the top rope. HHH & Cena go back and forth (boos & cheers follow each punch). HHH hits a spinebuster and then a Pedigree, but Orton breaks it up. HHH and Orton fall to the floor, and go on the announce table. HHH sends Orton to the crowd, but Cena comes back over and locks HHH in the STFU on the table. Back in the ring, HHH & Cena lock Orton up in a double submission, HHH with the Sharpshooter and Cena with a Crossface. Orton starts to tap, but the ref can’t call the match, because of the double submission. Rhodes & Dibiase come out to break it up. Cena puts Rhodes up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton drills Cena with a RKO for the win.
Winner and Still Champ – Randy Orton

Maryse with Miz backstage. Miz is still hitting on her, but she rejects him because he is not a Champion. Miz then blows up, calling her a tease.

Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James – WWE Diva’s Championship
Very slow and boring match. Mickie wins with the Spike DDT.
Winner and New Champ – Mickie James

Matthews with Rhodes & Dibiase. Matthews starts out with them not winning the Tag Team Titles, but then Rhodes & Dibiase flip it into a good thing that Orton kept the WWE Title.

Video Package on Rey & Ziggler.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Maria)
The match goes back and forth to start. Mysterio comes off the top rope, but Ziggler hits a dropkick to Ziggler’s gut. Ziggler has Mysterio on the top rope in a Fireman’s Carry, and he leaps off into a gutbuster. Dolph goes for his finisher, but Mysterio drop toes him into the ropes, 619 & springboard splash for the pin.
Winner and Still Champ – Mysterio

Video Recap of Punk & Hardy.

CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – World Heavyweight Championship
Very fast paced to start, Punk sends Jeff to the floor, and leaps after, but Jeff moves. Back in the ring, Jeff goes for a Swanton, but Punk rolls out of the ring before Jeff can leap off the top rope. Jeff is still up there, and leaps to the floor, but Punk moves and Jeff hits the wall. Back in the ring, Punk sends Hardy into the corner, and goes for his knee to the head then bulldog, but Jeff shoves out of the bulldog. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate, but Punk turns it into a GTS. Punk has a GIANT smile on his face as he goes for the pin, but Jeff kicks out. Punk is upset, grabs his title and starts to walk to the back. Jeff pulls him back in, hits the Twist of Fate then the Swanton for the pin.
Winner and NEW Champ – Jeff Hardy

Show Over

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