A Modest Blog on Praising TNA?

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With a huge wrestling weekend just finished, I really need to give kudos to one promotion in particular. No, it isn’t ROH, whose Death before Dishonor VII weekend immediately became the most inconsequential DBD ever. It isn’t WWE, whose Night of Champions continued their trend of giving fans what they’ve already seen over and over again. It isn’t even the debut of Dragon Gate USA, who’s debut show went according to expectation: it absolutely ruled. Still, with all that going on, someone has bucked their company wide trend and given them a chance to make a major new star. That someone, believe it or not, is TNA. Fair, warning, spoilers be ahead.

TNA has recently been running an angle where Matt Morgan attempts to become a member of the Main Event Mafia. As a man who never main evented anything, the Mafia has made him prove himself, and he has done so over the weeks, entering a best of three series with AJ Styles. AJ has always been Mr. TNA. He is their best in ring performer and the man representative of what sets TNA apart from WWE. Styles, over the next few Impacts, will lose to Morgan, who in the process, establishes himself as a top guy and earns a title shot against Angle. Angle wants him to lose to join the Mafia. This story is so simple, it practically writes itself. Angle and Morgan can spend the upcoming weeks teasing that they won’t do a real match, only for Morgan to show up at the Pay Per View ready to go and beat Angle for his title. A huge man, Morgan then becomes the company’s top face, a man able to stand up the MEM’s number’s game through sheer size and ability. TNA hasn’t had an opportunity like this since they ruined Tomko, who managed to end up leaving the company before he ever did anything interesting, despite being the most over wrestler they had for a short while. If TNA learned from that mistake at all, Matt Morgan will finally join the ranks of TNA’s main event scene as a major face, and be so over that he’ll be there to stay.

I should probably wait until TNA actually pulls the trigger on Morgan to give them this praise, but honestly, praising them this way happens so rarely that I wanted to at least give them credit for the awesome set up.

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.