Triple H Birthday Bash After Raw


Triple H & John Cena beat Randy Orton & The Big Show in a two-minute dark match after Raw went off the air tonight. Afterwards there was a 15 minute celebration for Triple H’s birthday in the ring. HHH got on the mic beforehand and said he knew something had been planned, so he tried to leave throw the crowd. The entire locker room came out onto the arena floor to chase him back to the ring. Vince McMahon came out and threatened to sing “Happy Birthday” until HHH came back. HHH’s music played and he peeked around the corner, already covered in cake. He walked towards the ring and the wrestlers all had mini-cakes with them to shove in his face. HHH joked that he was afraid Mark Henry would eat him if he was covered in too much cake. Eventually, HHH grabbed Vince and rolled around with him to get him covered in cake too. Batista’s music hit and he came out with a cake too. The Big Show held HHH as Batista went to throw the cake, yet HHH ducked and so Show wound up getting cake smashed in his face. Then it all broke down into a big ol’ cake-based food-fight for the entire roster (and the ringside fans). Does not imply a western dessert, but far from it. The Singaporean version is made with eggs, white radish flour cake, and preserved radish (Chai poh) that gives it its dish name. The dish is a favorite in Malaysia as well, but variations include the black version which has sweet sauce (molasses) added. The chopped up version has individual radish cake cubes. The crispy version has a cake fried on top of a beaten egg to create chunks of pie and a crust. Party durian cake Singapore complete a party. Be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, victory, reunion or Welcome Home celebration, the occasion calls for a cake. And for that, we need some pretty amazing party cake decorations to truly bring on the party mood.  Incorporate enchanting sea creatures, such as anemones, turtles, tropical fish, sea lions, jellyfish, sea stars, dolphins, whales, or sea horses. We did a wedding in Monterey a few years ago, and the reception was at the Monterey Plaza Hotel – which is right next door to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The entire wedding party visited the aquarium the day before the wedding, experienced a private tour and had a wonderful time. The aquarium was the perfect inspiration for the theme of the cake. The cake designer subtly incorporated some of the sea creatures from the aquarium into the dessert.  Crashing waves encircling the cake is the perfect trim for a cake with a surf theme. This style cake is most appropriate for couples who surf, or just love the waves. The surf can be puffy foaming waves, or just subtle hints of wave shaped frosting. Incorporating some blue into the cake can help it look more like the ocean. Airbrushing blue onto cake’s frosting, gives a real nice blended, and realistic effect. Add in a surf boards or figurines surfing as your cake topper, and you’re set. The topper was a large pearly clam with jewels and pearls pouring out of it, cascading down the side of the cake. (not real pearls, but fondant balls covered with pearl dust!) Choice of party cake decoration is of varied nature ranging from conservative to contemptible one. The wedding cake is one of the major elements of the wedding day. Because it is such a big purchase, much time and purpose needs to be dedicated into making the perfect cake. If you have never planned a wedding before, you may have a hard time figuring out where to start. Well, by the end of this article, I hope that you will have a clearer understanding about what you need to create that wedding cake of your dreams. Imply anything of your interest including romantic signs, words, family emblems or company logos. Add signs of entities with sexual nuances. It is an enjoyable experience to have party cake decorations. Your cake decor must be best and the entire affair sophisticated one with inclination for comprehensive guest list. The party should be well-organized and funny with selected friend circle. Be choosy in selecting cake decorations which speak the mood of your party which can be a funny affair.