Triple H Birthday Bash After Raw

Triple H & John Cena beat Randy Orton & The Big Show in a two-minute dark match after Raw went off the air tonight. Afterwards there was a 15 minute celebration for Triple H’s birthday in the ring. HHH got on the mic beforehand and said he knew something had been planned, so he tried to leave throw the crowd. The entire locker room came out onto the arena floor to chase him back to the ring. Vince McMahon came out and threatened to sing “Happy Birthday” until HHH came back. HHH’s music played and he peeked around the corner, already covered in cake. He walked towards the ring and the wrestlers all had mini-cakes with them to shove in his face. HHH joked that he was afraid Mark Henry would eat him if he was covered in too much cake. Eventually, HHH grabbed Vince and rolled around with him to get him covered in cake too. Batista’s music hit and he came out with a cake too. The Big Show held HHH as Batista went to throw the cake, yet HHH ducked and so Show wound up getting cake smashed in his face. Then it all broke down into a big ol’ cake-based food-fight for the entire roster (and the ringside fans).


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