ECW Real-Time Coverage for 07/28/2009

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Christian won the ECW belt at Night of Champions.  It’ll be interesting to see if they continue his feud with Dreamer (possible heel turn for Christian?) or if a new one will start.  I’m hoping for some fresh blood in the title picture AND a heel turn for Captain Charisma.  We’ll start to get an idea tonight.  On with the show!


Your hosts are Josh Matthews and Matt Striker from Baltimore, MD.


We start out with a recap of the Night of Champions match I mentioned.  Pyro starts and here we go.


Surfer music hits and that means Tyler Reks is headed to the ring.  Earlier he said he said to the WWE Universe he’s not just a laid back surfer dude.  Here comes Paul Burchill to test that theory.


Tyler Reks vs. Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea)

They start up with a lock up and Reks gets an armbar.  He goes to work on the arm and then hip tosses Burchill to the ground.  Burchill whips Reks to the corner then runs into the boot.  Reks to the top rope, but Burchill sends him down.  Elbow from the second rope.  Innovative elbow drop and a cover for two.  Body scissors from Burchill.  Twists him over for the two count.  Burchill with some knees in the corner.  He then does the running knees from the opposite corner.  Suplex for two.  Burchill gets the abdominal stretch on Reks.  Reks muscles his way out but gets whipped to the ropes.  Reks hits the schoolboy for two.  Reks in charge and clotheslines Burchill out of the ring.  Body press from inside out.  Throws Burchill back in, goes to the top, and hits the crossbody.  Cover for two.  Reks throws Burchill to the corner and gets back body dropped to the apron.  Burchill runs Reks along the apron and tries to throw his head into the ringpost.   Reks spins around it though and then hits a springboard missile dropkick and covers for the win.


Winner:  Tyler Reks Much better match than last week between these two.  Still not great, though.




Vladimir Kozlov’s music plays and he heads to the ring.  In the ring already is Bill Baine.  Gee, I wonder if Ezekiel Jackson will make an appearance.


Vladimir Kozlov vs. Bill Baine

Kicks and headbutts and overhead belly to belly suplex from Kozlov.  He no sells some offense from Baine and continues the onslaught.  He drapes Baine on the top turnbuckle and kicks him in the midsection.  Iron Curtain and it’s over (mercifully).


Winner: Vladimir Kozlov  Lately ECW is like 1980’s WWF Sunday wrestling.  Here comes Ezekiel Jackson to no one’s surprise.  He stares down Kozlov.  He then picks up Baine and hits what is essentially the Iron Curtain.  He leaves and Kozlov looks unhappy.


Dreamer is in the back with Tiffany and he finishes a discussion with her.  As he leaves Shelton Benjamin shows up.  He said he wants to be on the Abraham Washington show.  Tiffany says Washington doesn’t think Benjamin is entertaining enough.  Gregory Helms shows up and also wants to talk to Tiffany.  Benjamin asks if he has to dress like a superhero to get on that show.  Helms says he’s just a reporter.  Benjamin says he’s going to show her entertaining and we go to commercial.


Shaemus comes out next.  Looks like he’s facing Goldust.


Goldust vs. Shaemus

The bell rings and they lock up.  Shaemus gets the headlock and is whipped to the ropes.  Shoulderblock from Shaemus.  Headlock from Goldust.  Shaemus whips Goldust and hits a shoulderblock again.  Shaemus goes for the slam but it’s reversed and Goldust slams Shaemus.  Another lockup and Shaemus throws Goldust to the corner.  He runs into a boot.  He then punches Goldust to the floor.  Elbow drop.  Neck wrench.  Pretty big Goldust chant starts.  Really big, actually.  Shaemus is in control in the ring, though.  Cover for two.  Armbar from Shaemus.  Goldust gets to his feet and punches his way out.  He gets kicked in the midsection but avoids a rush in the corner.  Goldust gets some offense in and they trade some boots.  Goldust with the powerslam and gets two.  He sizes Shaemus up and goes for the final cut but gets reversed.  Shaemus hits the big boot and then hits his backbreaker finisher on Goldust.  1,2,3.


Winner: Shaemus  Pretty good match.  Mainly because Goldust was in it, though.  Shaemus looks like he has some skill to work with, though.


Christian is headed to the ring and we’ll hear from him after…




Raw Rebound.  I missed it and I really wanted to see Shaq.


Christian makes his triumphant entrance and he looks good with the ECW Championship.  He grabs the mic and says the second time becoming ECW Champ feels a little sweeter.  He says losing the belt two months ago made him realize how much it means to him.  He then gives a shout-out to Tommy Dreamer and  Dreamer’s music hits and he heads to the ring.  Dreamer has a mic and doesn’t shake Christian’s hand.  Christian says they were talking about him.  Dreamer says they had one hell of a match and congrats on being the new ECW champ.  Dreamer spoke to Tiffany and he gets his rematch next week.  It’ll be an Extreme Rules match.  Zack Ryder’s music hits and he has a mic as well.  He says he’s going to be Christian this week, never mind next week.  WooWooWoo.




Christian vs. Zack Ryder

We’re in action and they lock up.  Christian with an armlock.  Ryder reverses.  Takedown from Ryder and a cover for one.  Shoulderblock from Ryder and another cover for one.  Armdrag from Christian and he gets the armbar on.  Rollup from Christian for two.  Back to the armbar.  Ryder fights out but gets dropkicked for his trouble.  Christian drapes him over the second rope and stands on his back.  Christian goes to the top but Ryder runs away before he can fly.  Christian follows him and clotheslines him in the corner.  Ryder reverses an irish whip and throws Christian into the corner hard.  He’s in control and hits some knees and kicks and covers for two.  Christian slaps Ryder in the face.  Ryder is not amused.  Ryder to the second rope but gets caught by Christian and faceplanted into the mat.  Springboard sunset flip from Christian and covers for two.  Ryder goes to the outside and Christian tries to spear him but Ryder beats him to the spear.  Christian gains the upperhand, though and gets Ryder to the outside again.  He goes to the top rope and hits the elbow on the outside.  Both men are down as we go to…


Commercial break.


We’re back and Christian gets tossed from the top rope to the floor on the outside.  Ryder urges the ref on for the count.  Christian gets in on 9.  Ryder puts the boots to Christian and then gets him in a weird looking abdominal stretch.  Christian fights his way out but gets a knee off the ropes.  Ryder goes to the body scissors.  Christian reverses and gets a small package for a two count.  Ryder takes control again but runs into a knee as he runs into the corner.  Christian to the top rope but gets caught by Ryder.  He goes for the superplex and hits it!  Both men are down and the ref starts the count.  Ryder goes for the cover and gets two.  Ryder powers Christian to the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle.  He goes for the superplex again but Christian fights him off.  He hits a cross body off the top rope and covers for two.  Both men down again.  Christian is up first and punches Ryder down.  Reverse DDT from Christian and cover for two.  He goes to the second rope and hits the missile dropkick.  He goes to the top turnbuckle and hits ANOTHER missile dropkick.  Cover for only two.  Ryder’s head meets the turnbuckle and Christian goes up top again.  He goes for the tiltawhirl DDT but it gets reversed.  Ryder picks him up and drapes Christian over the top rope.  He then hits a leg lariat which looked sick.  He covers for two.  Ryder tries to capitalize but gets hit by the tornado DDT off the second rope.  Christian covers for two.  Christian runs toward Ryder but gets thrown into the ringpost.  He goes for the Zack Attack but gets reversed.  Christian then hits the pendulum kick in the corner and goes off the top for the uppercut.  He hits the Killswitch and this one is over.


Winner:  Christian


Great match to end the show.  These two work GREAT together.  I hope to see more Ryder in the future.  Christian poses with the belt to end the show.  See you next week, kids.

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