WEC 42 Goes International


Vice President of the WEC Peter Dropick announced today that the WEC is set to go online internationally, beginning with WEC 42.

For the first time in the history of the organization, fans outside North America will be given the opportunity to pay a small fee of $9.99 to watch WEC 42 live online via UFC.com or WEC.tv.

This decision came about due to the long list of Japanese fans whom will be willing to pay the small amount of money to see their favorite fighters participate in the WEC. Fighters such as Jeff Curran and Takeya Mizugaki are the main draws for the Japanese fan base for the WEC 42 main card, considering their history in Japan.

With this small step, the WEC looks to reach out and gain the popularity of foreign fans who love the sport, along with many of the fighters the WEC has to offer.

As the WEC is certainly gaining a fan base in the United States through their free shows, international support and fandom will certainly help the organization’s continued growth through the availability of their live cards for such a small price.

This move is certain to gain the WEC more and more attention in the mixed martial arts community, and perhaps help move them out of the shadow of their sister organization, the UFC.