Entourage – Episode 6-3 Review

I apologize for no review last week as I was on vacation.

Entourage was quite epic this week. We saw the maturation of E continue. Ashley is back this week after we saw E leave for her house in the past episode.  Ashley was very quick to criticize Charlie (Bow Wow) and E gets annoyed by it. 

The key member of the episode is clearly Turtle. It is his 30th birthday, and he gets a call from his mother criticizing how bad he looks. We see the picture of Jamie Lynn and Turtle printed in People asking claiming that it is a shock that she would be with him.  Clearly Turtle had his feelings hurt by these things, and feels that he wants to do something with his life.  After driving the Ferraris, Vince gives Turtle the Ferrari. Turtle has a hard time accepting this as well as the Porsche that girlfriend, Jamie Lynn gives him.  While Turtle is living the life, he does not have the sense of accomplishment that he wants.  Turtle decides to go back to school, a bill that Johnny Drama said he would cover.

It is good to see Turtle taking control, although he knows people (50 Cent in this episode) he does not have the knowledge of how to run a business.  I expect to see Turtle attending school, and doing well. We never see the idea that Turtle has, but he is obviously  persistent about it. I believe he will be high up at a recording company, but this would take many more seasons, which is why I can’t see this being the last season.

I also think that the writers took Turtle’s sadness a bit too far early on in the episode.  Most people would be ecstatic with a 240k Ferrari. He also seemed to treat Jamie Lynn a bit too tough having just bought him a car. We finally did see what Turtle decided to do, and out of all of the characters I believe Turtle has changed the most.

We also have seen how great Lloyd is as an assistant, and if Adam Davies was able to do it, obviously Lloyd can. He does everything Ari tells him, and I hope he will take Andrew Kline’s place as one of the main agents at Miller-Gold.  On the same note, we see more of the lies that Andrew Kline is telling to his wife next week in a fight with Ari. Kline looks like he is on his way out as he is nothing more than an alcoholic and a cheater.

It is interesting to see the new roles of Ari Gold and Eric Murphy (E). Eric was always the compassionate guy, and Ari was always the hard ass.  Was it just coincidental that when E was storming around (Ari-like), Ari was sitting watching TV and playing with his son?  The roles are not a complete switch, but we get to see a softer-side of Ari, and a tougher-side of E.  Pulling the Race card was obviously a ballsy thing to do, and was not well received.  I believe this was mentioned because it will probably cause a total explosion of Charlie’s career. I think that the Murphy Group will probably eventually fail, and E will just stick to working with Vince. 

People are constantly asking how many seasons will be left in this show, and I would say two more after this season.  This year will be all about Vince being on top, E maturing as a Manager, Drama doing fine with his TV show, Turtle going to school, Ari taking a hit for hiring Andrew, and Lloyd moving his way up.

Next season (7), I would expect to see Vince having some type of relapse, E struggling, Turtle working towards his goal, Ari getting back on top, and Lloyd continuing his success.

I would hope season (8) would bring them all together with a successful project and seeing them all doing well but still as one Entourage.

We are still in Season 6, which has been very good so far. I like what the writers are doing with it, although I do sometimes miss the happy-go-lucky feeling it had in Season 1.  I was expecting this in Season 6, after the problems we saw with Season 5, but obviously with the complexity and depth of the characters, we couldn’t see that the same way again. 

Something that bugs me about this season is how we never hear why they are living in the same house as Season 1. Although this house is great and it fits the Entourage well, we never hear the reasons why.

Next week’s episode looks great from the previews. I look forward to seeing the scuffle between Andrew and Ari. Be sure to watch at 10:30 pm ET, Sunday on HBO and HBO HD.


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