Konami Takes Stab at Castlevania Movie


The video game publisher is in final negotiations with writer/director team James Wan and Ian Jeffers who worked together on Dead Silence and Death Sentence, Wan’s first film was Saw.

The story of Castlevania follows the battle between Dracula and the Belmont clan of vampire hunters in a labyrinthine fortress in the Carpathian mountains. Simon Belmont was the hero of the first two video games.

The video game debuted in 1986 in Japan, then in 1987 in America. It became a huge hit and spawned several sequels.

This is not the first attempt to launch a Big Screen adaptation. Crystal Sky acquired the feature rights in 2005 and attached Paul W.S. Anderson to direct, followed by Sylvain White in 2007, with Rogue co-producing, but the project stalled during the WGA strike.

Wan’s attachment was first reported by the Bloody Disgusting website.

Source: Variety

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