One Year in Memphis – July 26, 1986

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Loser Leaves Town
Jerry Lawler over Bill Dundee

Two Ring Battle Royal
Fire – winner

Austin Idol over Larry Sharpe

Fire and Flame over Giant Hillbilly/Jimmy Snuka by DQ

MOD Squad over the Nightmares

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto over Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka

Paul Diamond/JT Southern over Jos LeDuc/Gypsy Joe

Memphis Vice/Ron Sexton over Bruise Brothers/Tracy Smothers

Lance Russell, flying solo, welcomed us to the show. Russell announced that today we’d be seeing a ten man tag match for the main event. We’d also see Sato and Goto against the Nightmares, and Jerry Lawler would also be in attendance.

We came back to a handicap match as Bam Bam Bigelow faced Jim Jameson and David Haskins. Bigelow headed to commentary to demand a match against Lawler before entering the ring. Haskins and Jameson tried a double shoulder block only for Bigelow to return the favor and put both men down. He head butted both opponents and then threw forearms that sent both men flying.

A back kick dropped Jameson and a forearm put Haskins down. Bigelow pitched Jameson through the ropes and suplexed Haskins down. He then pulled Jameson back in and picked up Haskins to crack their heads together. Bigelow then locked both men in a bear hug to win the match at 1:59.

We came back from commercial to see Randy Hales backstage to run down the card for Wednesday night. He was soon joined by Bigelow. Bigelow renamed LeDuc to LePoop and promised to defeat him. JD Costello and the MOD Squad then came in. Costello discussed the fury of the MOD Squad and contrasted them to the makeup-wearing Nightmares.

We returned to the studio to hear Russell discussing the strong fights that Jarrett and Tanaka had put up against Sato and Goto in their matches. Russell hyped the upcoming rematch between the two teams and added that Jerry Jarrett would be in Jeff and Tanaka’s corner to counter the influence of Sato and Goto’s manager Tojo Yamamoto. Russell then discussed the history between Yamamoto and Jerry.

We then went to a video interview where Jerry Jarrett discussed Tojo. He admitted that he’d been unable to talk to Tojo because Tojo would hang up on him. Jerry said that he thought that the reason that Tojo had turned on Jeff was because Tojo was trying to compete against the young blood of wrestling, while Jerry (who was younger than Tojo) had retired from active competition. Jerry promised that if Tojo interfered again, he’d retaliate.

We then headed to the ring to see Keith Roberson and Greg Gillis face Jarrett and Tanaka. Roberson started against Jarrett, and Jeff took quick control of the match as he locked Roberson in a headlock before moving on to an arm wringer. Roberson raked Jarrett’s eyes to turn the tide and brought Gillis in. Jarrett and Gillis traded hip tosses and then traded arm wringers before Tanaka tagged in.

Tanaka found himself on the receiving end of an arm wringer before backing Gillis into the ropes. A dropkick put Gillis down and the two battled around the ring with Tanaka finally getting a headlock only for Roberson to tag in.

Roberson started clubbing Tanaka and then tagged Gillis in for a cheap shot, which Gillis refused. Roberson started yelling at Gillis and Gillis popped him before leaving. Tanaka and Jarrett easily put Roberson down with a German suplex for the win at 2:35.

Russell then brought up a Southern tag team match from Jackson, Tennessee. We saw video of Fire and Flame battling Jerry Lawler and the Giant Hillbilly for the titles. Spike hit the ring to distract Lawler and a mystery man ran in and hit the Hillbilly with a fireball for Fire and Flame to capture the belts. Russell announced that the mystery man was manager Billy Spears.

Spears, carrying the titles, joined Russell at commentary. Spears announced that he was now Fire and Flame’s manager and thanks to him they’d won the titles. Spears also said that he was a better manager than Costello had ever been and he was working to get permission for Fire and Flame to compete on television once again. Russell retorted that there was no call for any of Fire and Flame’s antics and they would not be on television.

Eddie Marlin came out to break up the argument between Spears and Russell. Marlin informed Spears that he’d banned Fire and Flame from television and he would not lift that ban. Spears argued with Marlin for a moment before promising Marlin that he would regret keeping them off TV.

We came back to Hales backstage for more discussion on Wednesday night’s show.

Russell was with Costello and the MOD Squad at the interview set to discuss the upcoming challenge match that would take place Wednesday night. He reiterated the stipulations. Costello sputtered about the stipulations before Russell pointed out that he’d brought this upon himself. Costello pointed out that he was a real man before again calling the Nightmares sissies.

We then took a look at the salon to get an idea of what would happen to Costello. We saw curlers and women applying makeup before the salon owner said that while they could normally make anyone look good, he didn’t know how much good that they could do for Costello. He added that he’d open an hour and a half early to make sure they had plenty of time for Costello’s makeover.

Costello reiterated by saying that he’d thought about buying out the salon (with his 25 million dollar bank account), but instead he and the Squad might just pay the salon a little visit.

We headed to the ring to see Sato and Goto set to take on the Nightmares in a non-title match. Wayne and Sato started the match by trading chops. They locked up and Wayne and Sato traded holds with neither able to gain an advantage before Davis tagged in.

Davis trapped Sato in an arm wringer and took him down with a wrist lock. Goto tagged in and the two got in a quick double team before Goto found himself whipped into a corner. Davis dodged a Sato charge and the Nightmares hit a double monkey flip before breaking out stereo head scissors.

Goto pulled Wayne down by the hair before bouncing his head off Sato’s boot. Randy Hales charged out, calling for assistance. Referee Jerry Calhoun stopped the match as fans swarmed toward the back door.

We saw Jeff Jarrett getting assaulted by Fire and Flame in the parking lot. The Nightmares ran out to help only for Flame to attack them with a board. Finally more help came out from the back to send Fire and Flame packing.

Russell put a stop to the chaos by sending us to commercial.

We came back to see Sato, Goto, and Yamamoto at the interview set. Russell pointed out that they’d wanted to restart the match but they were gone. Yamamoto said that they didn’t care about the attack and they’d been disrespected by the referee’s leaving the ring. He added that he could handle Jerry Jarrett with no problems. Goto added that maybe Jarrett should bring his mother and sister out to help as well. As all three started speaking rapid Japanese, Russell sent us back to the ring where Keith Erich and Don Donovan were ready to face Jerry Lawler and JT Southern.

Southern and Erich started the match with Southern putting Erich down and followed with a hiptoss. Southern then hit a DDT and brought Lawler in. Lawler snapmared Erich and threw a fist or two before Donovan tagged in.

Lawler whipped Donovan across the ring and stopped him with a backdrop before slamming him into the turnbuckle. Lawler then climbed to the second turnbuckle and dropped the fist before bringing Southern back in. As Lawler distracted the ref, Southern hit a top rope clothesline for the win at 1:41.

We came back for Randy Hales to discuss the show on Wednesday night again. This time he was joined by Jos LeDuc, who was pacing around the studio. LeDuc promised to end Fire, Flame, and Spears before adding that he’d take care of Bigelow. LeDuc ran down Bigelow’s strengths before closing by saying that he hadn’t beaten LeDuc yet.

We came back for the main event as the MOD Squad, the Memphis Vice, and Ron Sexton teamed to take on Jerry Garmon, Benny Traylor, and the Demolition Express (Charles and James Atlas, and Rock Steady).

Rock Steady started out against Sexton. Sexton went down and Winston quickly tagged in. He took control of the match and brought in Basher as Costello headed to commentary to share his thoughts.

Spike continued the punishment and brought in Jerry Bryant. Bryant slammed Steady as Costello bashed Fire and Flame.

Charles Atlas entered the ring and found himself facing both MOD Squad members. Winston tagged in to keep the advantage. Spike came in as Costello bashed Atlas, who was tagging Rock Steady back in.

Bryant tagged in as Steady was isolated in the far corner. Finally Bryant rolled up Steady for a 1 count and brought Sexton in. Sexton slammed Steady and got a one of his own. He brought Winston back in and a punch sent Steady flying. Traylor wound up manhandled and he tagged in Garmon, who fared no better.

Basher hit Garmon with a double axe handle and covered for the win.

We came back from commercial for a second fall in the main event. Garmon and Basher started with Bryant immediately tagging in. Garmon grabbed Bryant’s arm and brought Traylor in before James Atlas came in. Charles Atlas tagged in and Costello left commentary as Winston tagged in across the ring.

Winston raked his eyes and brought Sexton in. Sexton put Atlas down with a clothesline and dropped an elbow for a two count.

Spike tagged in and Atlas crossed the ring to tag in Traylor. Traylor locked up Spike’s arm and tagged in Rock Steady. Steady took Spike down and trapped him in an armbar. Spike tried to fight free only for James Atlas to tag in.

Bryant came in and got slammed before Traylor tagged back in . Traylor put Bryant down with a dropkick only for Winston to break up the pinfall.

Winston kept the pressure on Traylor and dropped an elbow before tagging Sexton in. Sexton pulled Traylor away and tagged Bryant in as Costello bashed the Nightmares. Winston and Charles tied up and Bryant tagged back in. Bryant snapmared Atlas down and trapped him in a chinlock.

Bryant slammed Atlas and brought Sexton back in. Sexton slammed Atlas again and brought Spike in. Spike continued dominating Atlas, who finally managed to bring Traylor back in.

Spike responded by bringing Basher in, who slammed Traylor. Sexton tagged in and rode Traylor down to the mat with his knee before covering for another pinfall.

Russell ran down the day’s results one more time before saying goodbye and reminding us that Brown would be back the next week.


If the Squad wins, the Nightmares must wear dresses.
If the Nightmares win, JD Costello must undergo a makeup session.
MOD Squad vs. the Nightmares

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © w/ Tojo Yamamoto vs. Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka w/ Jerry Jarrett

Jos LeDuc vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

JT Southern vs. Gypsy Joe

Ron Sexton vs. Paul Diamond

Greg Gillis vs. Tracy Smothers