10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 7.30.09

1. Bobby Lashley is just about the worst promo guy I could possibly imagine. And I’m so sick about TNA talking about their ratings, which more or less mean nothing.
2. Is this the 200th show on Spike TV, or the 200th episode of Impact overall, counting FSN and the internet episodes?
3. I think Hernandez pinning Joe on free TV just ruined a potentially great moment for pay-per-view. And the way they did it was just so anti-climactic.
4. Lauren and Taylor Wilde just need to make out already. I’m not going to be interested in them until that happens.
5. Victoria almost looks like she’s wearing clown makeup in this little interview with Don West.
6. Eric Young’s promo was pretty decent, but clichéd. He just doesn’t have a good voice for cutting wrestling promos. It also went on a very long time.
7. Ugh, now Team 3D has to cut a promo too. I swear some weeks this show is nothing but promos. And Bubba says “America – Love It Or Leave It!” How original. Please just go away.
8. Yeah, I guess the Dudleys can’t lose unless they get sacked with 6-2 odds.
10. I think Dr. Stevie’s promo may have been worse than Lashley’s, and that’s probably got something to do with Lauren’s involvement.

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