MGF Exclusive: 10 Thoughts on Summer Movies by Sick Puppies


Rockers Sick Puppies are touring like crazy and promoting their new CD, Tri-Polar, but we had a few minutes to spend with the band to do an Inside Pulse EXCLUSIVE—10 THOUGHTS with the band! They chose the subject: this summer’s blockbuster movies.

1) The Watchmen you either LOVED it or HATED it…… I LOVED it.

2) The Hangover was such a perfect antidote to anything negative going on your life at that moment.

3) R-rated comedies are pushing the envelope further and further; well, they have to keep the shock value up!!

4) Brüno? Well, I just don’t think it trumps Borat, you know?!

5) Transformers just rocks for the effects, and that’s all.

6) Push wasn’t bad.

7) Horror movies are also becoming hugely popular and more available. LOVING that.

8 ) Drag Me to Hell—much much fun indeed

9) Johnny Depp can’t do no wrong.

10) I just want to see a DiCaprio, Wahlberg, DeNiro, Nicholson, Depp and Giovanni Ribisi all-star film. Yes, really!! Just do it.

Be sure to check out Sick Puppies’ new album Tri-Polar.

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