Jerry Millen = Idiot

Jerry Millen continues to prove that he’s one of the biggest idiots in the entire sport of mixed martial arts with this MMA Fanhouse interview.

On co-promotion with the UFC:

Maybe he will be in the UFC, but it’s gotta be a co-promotion. We’re not asking for anything that’s crazy, we’re willing to take half the risk. We’re willing to take half the profit or half the loss.

What would a UFC/M1 co-promoted card look like?

If the UFC would have sat down, and conducted as a true co-promotion and say “ok we’ll do half M-1 fighters, and half UFC fighters,” all that can be worked out. At the end of the day it’s about the main event card. That’s what they want: Brock vs. Fedor. Everything else can be worked out as long as they’re willing to work with us. That’s all.

And here he is, making up reasons for Brock Lesnar’s departure from World Wrestling Entertainment to suit his needs:

You got to remember Brock Lesnar left the WWE because Vince McMahon owned him, he didn’t want to be owned by anybody. Well now Brock Lesnar is owned by Dana White and the UFC, so he’s owned again.

I don’t even feel like posting quotes from the rest of the interview. One of the only good things to come from the fall of PRIDE several years ago was the knowledge that I would no longer have to listen to Jerry Millen talk. Unfortunately, it appears that the Fedor/UFC negotiations have put this tool back in the spotlight. Hopefully only for a brief moment.