Random News: Hornswoggle Pitches, Storm Snubbed By Obama, FCW, Wrestlemania, Angle On Dancing With the Stars?!?!?


PW Torch has a recap of Hornswoggle’s appearance at a Milwaukee Brewers game last night, where he threw out the first pitch and danced with Bernie the Brewer.

In other wrestling and alcohol news, TNA has issued a press release about James Storm being snubbed by President Obama’s and his beer summit. It includes this great line:

“Normally, I condone using alcohol to solve problems,” Storm said, “but if the President is not proficient in alcohol consumption management, he’s gonna have a real mess on his hands.”

Michael Spears has FCW results at PWI. ECW rookie Tyler Reks is doing well for himself in developmental, too.

Finally, the Sun’s Mike Aldren has an article about Kurt Angle’s aspirations to become the second sports entertainer on Dancing With the Stars. For real. His agent even says he’s qualified!:

“Just as Kurt has lightning speed, smooth, controlled and brilliant moves in pro-wrestling, this man can also dance.

Contestants will be announced on August 17th.