Rob Marshall eyeing Pirates of the Caribbean sequel?

We’ve already seen Johnny Depp sing and give “killer” haircuts in Sweeney Todd. But now it seems like the next Pirates of the Caribbean sequel may be done under the watchful eye of choreographer-turned-director Rob Marshall. The Hollywood Reporter says he’s in talks to take the wheel (taking over for Gore Verbinski who directed the previous three Pirates action-adventures). Disney and series producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been eager to set sail on a fourth installment with star Johnny Depp back in his bandana as Sparrow as early as next year.

With more than $2.67 billion in worldwide grosses, Disney sought to interject some new blood in the franchise, after Verbinski exited in April. The reason: a fresh take at a smaller scale. (The past two pictures cost north of $400 million combined.)

Rob Marshall doesn’t seem like an obvious choice to take command of a seafaring tentpole picture, but the same was probably said of Christopher Nolan when he made Batman Begins.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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