One Year in Memphis – August 2, 1986


Bam Bam Bigelow wins a 23-man battle royal

Jerry Lawler over Bam Bam Bigelow by DQ

Fire and Flame over Giant Hillbilly/Jos LeDuc by DQ

Nightmares/JT Southern over MOD Squad/JD Costello

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto over Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka

Paul Diamond over Ron Sexton

Memphis Vice draw Rock Steady Crew

Tracy Smothers over David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show before Brown announced that today we’d be seeing JT Southern, the Nightmares, the Rock Steady Crew, Bam Bam Bigelow, Memphis Vice would be facing Jerry Lawler and the Giant Hillbilly, Paul Diamond would team with Jeff Jarrett, and the main event would feature Sato and Goto. Russell added that the Nightmares had defeated the MOD Squad, and we’d also get to see JD Costello following his makeover.

We came back from commercial to see JT Southern on his way out to face the Invader. Southern and the Invader locked up only for Southern to escape a headlock, hit a powerslam, and cover for the win at 0:16.

The bell rang again to bring out the Nightmares to face Ron Sexton and Craig Carson. Sexton and Davis started off Davis taking Sexton down with a rear waistlock. Sexton got to the ropes to break it up and the two locked up again. Davis started cranking on Sexton’s arm and brought Wayne in. Sexton tried a hiptoss to escape but Wayne held on. Not even an Irish whip could help Sexton escape.

Davis tagged back in and got his eyes raked to allow Carson to tag in. Carson backed Davis into the Nightmares’ corner and Wayne tagged in. Carson then muscled him across the ring and brought Sexton in.

Sexton took control by hitting some forearms as we checked out some face-painted fans. We returned to the ring to see Sexton slam Wayne and cover for a two count.

Carson tagged back in and put him down with a chop. He hit a clothesline and covered for another two count.

Sexton tagged back in and the two hit double back elbows. Wayne, however, started fighting back. Sexton rammed Wayne’s head into the turnbuckle and followed up with a knee to the back before bringing Carson back in.

Wayne escaped and tagged Davis in. Davis started peppering Carson with right hands before whipping him across the ring and stopping him with a back elbow. Davis hit a back drop and brought Wayne in. Davis press-slammed his partner onto Carson for the win at 4:04.

Wayne and Davis then joined Russell at the interview set as JT Southern came out. Davis said that he’d heard that Costello sounded like a sissy. He added that Costello and the Squad had challenged the Nightmares and JT Southern to a six-man match. Wayne added that they’d paint a star on Southern’s face before Southern ended the interview by saying if Costello was involved, it would only be a 5 ½ man match.

We came back to see Russell backstage to talk about Wednesday night’s show in Evansville. Tojo, Sato, and Goto joined Russell to talk about the match. Tojo said that Jerry Jarrett was a double-crosser and all Jeff did was hide behind his father. Tojo added that he couldn’t hide anymore and Jeff should just run home to his mother.

Larry Sharpe and Bam Bam Bigelow then joined the fun. Sharpe said that they didn’t care about the title, all they wanted was to hurt Lawler.

We returned to the studio to find Russell at the interview set to detail JD Costello’s makeover. We went to a video showing Costello getting his hair rolled, makeup, sitting under a hair dryer, getting his nails done, and then getting moisturized before having lipstick applied.

Costello and the Squad then emerged from the back to talk to Russell. Costello was livid, especially after Russell started laughing at him. Costello brought up that those who laugh last laugh best and promised to get the last laugh on the Nightmares. Costello brought up the six man match that he and the Squad would be fighting against Southern and the Nightmares. Costello promised that the Squad would obliterate the Nightmares and then he’d finish them off.

We headed back to the ring to see the Rock Steady Crew (King Cobra and Ira Reese) ready to face Keith Erich and Keith Roberson. Erich and Reese started and it didn’t take Reese long to take control. He brought Cobra in and Cobra hit a back drop before taking Erich down with a headlock.

Reese tagged back in and the Crew hit a double drop kick before Erich staggered to his corner to bring Roberson in. Reese locked in a headlock, took Roberson down, and locked in an armbar before bringing Cobra in. Cobra dropped the knees on his arm, pulled him up and slammed him down.

Reese tagged back in and the Crew hit another double drop kick. Reese dropkicked him again, then gave Erich one when he tried to sneak in. Roberson started clubbing Reese and took him down for a one count.

Erich came back in and Cobra also tagged in. Cobra hit a clothesline then locked in a Boston crab for the win at 3:01.

Billy Spears then joined Russell at the interview set. Spears pointed out that Fire and Flame again weren’t on the format. Russell reminded Spears that Fire and Flame were banned from television. Spears demanded to speak to someone in charge, and Russell invited Eddie Marlin out.

Marlin came out and told Spears that after what Fire and Flame had been doing, they would not appear on television. Spears got Marlin to admit that he was the one who’d made the ruling. Spears said he would tell Fire and Flame that they couldn’t be on television, but Marlin would be taking responsibility for the decision. Spears reiterated his innocence as we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Russell backstage for the full rundown on the Evansville show.

Back in the studio, Bigelow was on his way out to face Jim Jameson. Bigelow started on all fours to handicap the match. Jameson tried a waistlock, an armlock, and a headlock – all to no avail. Despite his best efforts, Jameson was unable to move the massive Bigelow until the bell rang to signal Bigelow that he could get up.

Bigelow stood and hit a Samoan drop on Jameson, then covered for the win at 1:04.

The bell rang again to bring out the Memphis Vice. Lou Winston and Jerry Bryant hit the ring as the Giant Hillbilly and Jerry Lawler made their entrance. Lawler and Bryant started with Bryant protesting when it looked like Lawler would throw a punch.

Finally Bryant locked in a headlock only for Lawler to escape and dodge as Bryant crashed into Lou Winston. The Vice then took a second to regroup on the floor.

Bryant hit the ring to beat the count and the two engaged in a test of strength – at least until they started trading kicks. A right hand sent Bryant to his corner and Winston tagged in.

Winston backed Lawler into the corner and hit a right hand to send Lawler to the mat. They locked up again and Winston put Lawler down again. An irate Lawler threw a punch that sent Winston down. They locked up again and Bryant tagged in. Bryant soon found himself in a headlock as the Hillbilly tagged in. The Hillbilly back dropped him before dropping a leg twice on him. The Hillbilly bounced Bryant off Lawler’s boot and tagged the King back in as Bryant skedaddled across the ring and brought in Winston.

Winston threw right hands that staggered Lawler and the Vice soon started a double team. That brought the Hillbilly in to even the score. Lawler pinned Winston behind the ref’s back. Bigelow ran in, dropped Lawler, and Winston covered for the win.

We came back to see Paul Diamond and Jeff Jarrett set to face Rough and Ready. Security rushed to commentary to warn that Fire and Flame were in the parking lot and the outside doors opened to see what was going on.

We went outside to see Fire and Flame spray painting Eddie Marlin’s Lincoln sedan. Jarrett, Tanaka, and Diamond rushed outside. Eddie Marlin came out and went after Billy Spears, only for Lawler to try and hold him back. The various wrestlers started looking over the car as Marlin kept yelling at Spears. The cameras zoomed in on the words “Big Shot” on the windshield.

We returned to commentary as Russell and Brown sent us back to the ring to try and get the match started. Marlin stopped by commentary to promise that Fire and Flame would pay for their actions.

The bell rang and Jarrett started against Ready. Jarrett caught Ready with an elbow shot and tagged Diamond in. Diamond cranked Ready’s arm before slamming him down.

Jarrett came back in and dropped Ready with a dropkick before returning to working on the arm. When Ready fought free, Jarrett switched to a headlock as Rough tagged in.

Jarrett took Rough down and locked in a hammerlock before tagging in Diamond. Jarrett hit a dropkick and Diamond followed with a super kick for the win.

We came back to Russell backstage to run down the Evansville show one more time. He was soon joined by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. Jerry brought up that he’d punished Tojo when he’d interfered and he promised that this week that Tojo would be stretchered out if he tried anything.

Jerry Lawler then joined Russell. Lawler said that he’d been waiting for this match after Sharpe and Bigelow had been running their mouths. Lawler said that he’d heard it all before and he was still standing. Lawler promised to retain the International belt, and then he’d get to go back in the battle royal to try and win the Southern Heavyweight title.

We returned to the studio to see Sato and Goto getting ready to face David Haskins and Jerry Garmon. Haskins and Sato started with Sato getting an early advantage before Haskins went to the Jim Duggan three point stance.. Sato took back control and brought Goto in.

Goto chopped Haskins down and Haskins soon escaped to tag Garmon in. Sato and Goto continued manhandling Garmon and Haskins grabbed his first opportunity to come back in. Haskins hit a cross body for a one count and Goto tagged back in.

Goto clubbed away on Haskins while locking up Haskins’s arm. Goto telegraphed a backdrop and Garmon got the opportunity to tag in. Garmon landed a dropkick and missed a second, then Goto followed up with a head butt.

Sato tagged in and pitched Garmon out of the ring so Tojo could attack him with his kendo stick. Goto rolled Garmon back into the ring and Sato continued the attack.

Goto tagged back in and dropped a second rope elbow for a one count. Sato and Goto hit the elevated super kick behind the referee’s back and got the win.

Russell and Brown, short on time, quickly said goodbye for yet another week.


Southern Heavyweight title
17-man Battle Royal to determine a new champion

International Heavyweight title
Jerry Lawler © vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Nightmares/JT Southern vs. MOD Squad/JD Costello

International Tag Team titles
No Disqualification
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Jeff Jarrett/Pat Tanaka

Paul Diamond vs. Ron Sexton

Tex Golden vs. Tom Brant

Tracy Smothers vs. Super Destroyer

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