Gangland (The Complete Season 4) – DVD Review


Theres plenty of terrific material on the History Channel, and one of their consistently good shows has been Gangland. From such fertile grounds as crime in America the show consistently delivers quality true crime material that otherwise wouldnt hit the light of day.

Season 4 seems to focus more on the obscure then the famous, as the previous three seasons had. Profiled gangs include the motorcycle club Sons of Silence, Detroit contract killers The Best Friends, North Carolina gang the Hidden Valley Kings and others. Also included are another episode on the motorcycle gang Pagans, the Chicago branch of the Latin Kings and others already profiled and/or known entities.

And, as always it seems, Gangland maintains a high quality by finding new, quality stories of true crime to bring to light. Its interesting to hear about motorcycle gangs outside the Hells Angels and the Mongols, for example, and the show provides current and former members as well as current and former law enforcement officials to give a complete story.

Gangland keeps going on because of crime in this country; whereas it would be nice if there wasnt the wealth of material, it does make for fascinating viewing.

Presented in a full screen format with a Dolby digital sound, Gangland has a terrific transfer. Everything is crisp and clear with no grain.

Additional Footage is included with each episode, which is another way of saying “deleted scenes.” Nothing unique or interesting is included, however.

The fourth season of Gangland is not for the faint of heart, continuing the series trend, but is still compelling material.

A&E presents Gangland: The Complete Season 4. Running time: 564 minutes. Not Rated. Released on DVD: August 25, 2009. Available at Amazon.

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