Diaz vs. Heiron may be off


The Nick Diaz vs. Jay Heiron fight scheduled for the Aug. 15 Strikeforce show in San Jose is in real danger of being canceled.

Diaz and Cesar Gracie were contacted on Wednesday by the California State Athletic Commission regarding a pre-fight drug test. Diaz would have to pass the drug test in order to renew his license to fight in the state of California. Gracie promised that Diaz would show up for the drug test last night, but neither Gracie or Diaz were anywhere to be found. Representatives for Diaz claimed that he was busy training and couldn’t do the test.

The CSAC believes that Diaz needed to take the test by Friday night in order to get the results back in time for the show. Without those results coming back from the lab, Diaz doesn’t get licensed for the fight, and it would have to be scrapped. Strikeforce said they’ll ensure that Diaz shows up for the test on Monday, and the CSAC agreed to allow it, but there’s no guarantee that the results will be back in time for the fight to happen.